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How to Turn Your New House Into a Home

There is more to a house than just the walls and floors; it takes other things such as the furniture and the accessories to make it feel like somewhere you want to live. However, sometimes for whatever reasons, you have to begin the process again.  

If you had a need to sell your house fast, you might not have taken a lot of things with you to your new home. Here are some quick ways you can make your new house feel more like home.

Covering the Floors

If you have ever walked into an empty house, you will know how spacious it can feel. Also, you will have the echo that comes from nothing to absorb the noise. It is the same when you move into a new house; at first, it will sound empty until you have more things in there.
To quickly make the house a little homier, try to add textiles to the floor. You can lay some rugs if you have them, or you might be able to find some in the local charity store. You can even try to make a few using old fabric remnants.

Change the Lighting

Sometimes the lighting in a room can make it look washed out or too bright. The existing fittings, although practical, can lead to a less friendly environment. It can be especially bad when you have fluorescent lighting, such as in a kitchen. You can quickly change the mood of a room by changing the light fitting to something more subtle and appealing. Sometimes, all you need is to change the bulb to something a little softer.
 If you can’t change the fitting, then consider using alternative lighting such as lamps to diffuse the light and avoid using the main light in the room. 


Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than possessions. Pictures, ornaments, books and other things can add that personal touch that makes it feel homey. However, having too much clutter can make rooms feel claustrophobic and too busy. A good compromise is to add storage to your rooms that can hold and display your possessions without leaving it looking cluttered. You can get cheap storage from department stores and then paint or decorate them to make them look nice. Alternatively, you can get old furniture from charity shops and refurbish them to give a sense of comfort.


To prevent the look of bare walls, why not add some nice artwork? It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, in fact, that nice painting your kid made might look good on the wall.
You can also find nice old paintings in shops that will make the walls look nice and colorful.
It is easy to make even the barest house look more like a home with a few little design features. All you need is a little imagination and some time, and you can quickly make your new house feel like a home.

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How to Rock Your Personal Style

Being stylish isn’t always easy, but it’s possible for everyone who wants to embark on the journey of becoming a fashionista. You have to want to find out who you are and dress a certain way to showcase your unique style. It may take some time, but remain patient and persistent and you’ll get there.

Embrace who you are and let your personality shine through when you’re deciding what to wear each day. Take the necessary steps to reach a point where you’re comfortable dressing for you and no one else. Let your unique qualities assist you in building flair into your wardrobe. See how to rock your personal style. 

Clean Out Your Closet

Start by going through your closet and getting rid of or donating your old clothes. Remove outfits and pieces you no longer wear or that are outdated. If you aren’t going to wear them today, it’s likely you won’t in the near future. Now’s the time to take out what needs to go and make room for what will come in. After you’ve cleaned out your closet, take a good look at how your wardrobe looks as it stands. Try on clothes to make sure you really want to keep them and organize your items so you know what’s there. After your closet and drawers are in order, it’ll be easier to see what you need and have room for before you go shopping. You’ll feel better going into the project and at ease about what you already have to wear.

Embrace your Colors

Collect pictures from outfits you like and start analyzing why you selected them. 
Pick out patterns and colors you gravitate toward consistently. Decide on a few colors you love and can’t live without. These will be your signature colors. It’s often easier to put together a wardrobe when you know what colors you enjoy wearing. Once you have the three colors or so, go out shopping and start to look for pieces in these colors. Consider which colors bring out your features or that you know you look good in when you wear them. Start buying clothes that contain these colors and you’ll soon have a foundation for your updated wardrobe.

Shop for your Body Type

Be honest with yourself when you’re out shopping. Avoid buying clothes just because they’re trendy. They should also fit well and look great on you. There are plenty of styles out there for various body types. Be patient and buy clothes that complement your figure. You’ll thank yourself later when you go to put on your clothes and don’t have to squeeze yourself into them. Your goal is to play up your figure and best features using fashions that highlight your assets. What works for one person may not work for another. Don’t get caught up in buying clothes because they’re fashionable. Each piece needs to be part of the whole package to work. Remember that you’re dressing for you and what body traits you should be emphasizing. Make good decisions, and you’ll feel attractive and ready to step out and show the world what you’re made of.

Find what Makes you Unique

Explore your traits and personality to match it to your style. Instead of viewing your individual traits as strange, see them as unique. It can be any sort of trait, whether you like wearing hats or crazy tights. Whatever it is, embrace it and enjoy wearing it. Use your individuality to your advantage and express it through your wardrobe. Finding yourself isn’t about changing yourself. It’s about finding your best qualities and making them shine through your fashion choices. Be yourself and authentic in your personality and style. Dress a certain way because you want to and it makes you feel good about yourself. Don’t change who you are to be someone else. Your style will be much more appreciated if it’s genuine and carefully chosen. What’s trending isn’t always what’s right. Pick options that compliment you and your style. There’s no need to defend or explain yourself. 


It’s important to not forget about your accessories when you’re talking about your style. Come up with your favorite ways to accessorize and enjoy showing them off. It can be any item from a ring or necklace to a scarf or cell phone case from Custom Envy. You can customize your phone case to fit your personality. It’s such a great way to embrace your uniqueness and have a personalized product to show off; after all, people say fashion is in the details. This is the perfect example of using your own style to create a look that’s special to you. You don’t need to worry about anyone else having your case. Use accessories to take your wardrobe to another level and stand out from the crowd. There are an endless amount of options for you to choose from and wear. Accessories have the potential to change and embellish the look of an outfit with little or no effort.

Display Confidence

The best way to rock your personal style is to have confidence. When you finally step out in your outfit that you worked so hard to put together, make sure you’re wearing your confidence. Be happy and proud about what you’re wearing, even if other people aren’t. Get excited about picking out your clothes each day and dressing in fashionable options. Stop judging yourself and start embracing each outfit you choose to display. Others will feel your confidence, and it’ll be contagious. Your size doesn’t matter, but how you wear it does. Your focus should be on how it looks on and not what the number on the tag reads. Make sure your mind is right, because your confidence will show in how you carry yourself. 


Designing a fantastic wardrobe is hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun. It’s a process, and a journey worth taking if you’re up for it. This is how to rock your personal style. 

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3 Home Lighting Improvements

Few things can change the feel of a room quite like lighting. If done correctly, lighting can change the mood and feel to a room, compliment furniture, artwork, and colors. However, the lack of good lighting can damage the feel of any room, and these three tips and ideas are steps to change it.

Dimmed lighting

Sometimes the lighting in a room is too much. Dimming the lights for certain moods and feel is a great way to take advantage of your situation. Dimmer light switches allow a user to control the lighting, and dim them down for certain occasions. Options for dimmed lighting can be found at your nearest home lighting store.

Natural light

For areas that don’t seem to have enough lighting, implementing natural light is a great option. This option is of course based on location, however with help from a professional window contractor, you can discuss your options for products, sizing, and function. This is also a great option for areas with all seasons, as natural light can help prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting gives a homeowner complete control over where and how a room is lit. Whether it is to highlight artwork, create depth, or provide cool or warm tones to a room, this is a fantastic option. There are countless fixture options that help meet your needs, and with varieties of bulbs, you can also be cost and energy efficient!

The team at Home Lighting Center in Idaho Falls encourage you to speak to a home lighting specialist to get more tips and ideas for your home.

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Affordable Fragrances and Sunglasses

I love fragrance shopping and if you are like me, you probably enjoy trying out the different free samples of fragrances in the shopping malls. It is so easy to get drawn to the beauty counters and kiosks and spritz a little on the sample cards or even get a dab of fragrance on the wrist. Some may feel overwhelmed by the mixture of the different types of fragrances but I love it! At times, if it is your lucky day, you may come away with a tiny, free sample from your regular promoter!
I guess some women have a weakness whenever it comes to fragrances. We all love to smell nice, and smelling nice gives us confidence.  Plus, different fragrances can create different moods. One day you might be feeling adventurous and want a bold fragrance.  The next day you might be feeling romantic and want a floral scent.  Another day you might want a woodsy, natural scent.  Don’t you agree that different fragrances can create different moods?

Women and men love fragrances, but not all of us can afford to buy very expensive branded ones. You can always check out fragrances that are affordable, and once you find a fragrance or two (or three), which you love, you can buy them in bulk. Nowadays, you can easily get cheap wholesale fragrances online. These cheap and affordable fragrances don’t smell cheap, in fact they are even comparable to some of the expensive brands.  If you have friends that enjoy the same scent as you, you can buy together and share the cost.

If you have a weakness toward accessories and sunglasses, then one of the many online websites to visit will be Apparel There is a wide selection of sunglasses from normal, vintage, and classic, to reading glasses. With more awareness concerning eye protection, we are encouraged to buy polarized sunglasses to protect our eyes from the glare of strong sunlight, snow, water, glass, and especially protection from UV rays.

Buying wholesale polarized sunglasses is much more cost effective than buying a single unit. You can keep the extra pair as spare sunglasses when you misplace them or put a pair in each of your handbags. You can even use the extra sunglasses as gifts for friends or family members. Everyone uses sunglasses and it will be a gift that will be well received. Sunglasses will be very practical gifts and can be considered for all kinds of occasions.

Where do you buy your inexpensive fragrances, accessories and sunglasses?

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