The Best Careers in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is one of the largest and fastest growing in the world and skincare is the biggest branch of it. The global sales are expected to be more than $130 billion in just a few years. With beauty and image becoming more important to people year on year, the industry is a fairly safe one to get into and there are so many different job and business opportunities to satisfy most tastes.


There has also been a rise in self made beauty and skincare companies that have been started by bloggers and YouTubers that have come off the back of their online popularity. People often think that jobs in the beauty industry are limited to hairdressers and nail technicians, but in reality, there are all sorts of different things you could be doing. Another misconception about the beauty industry is that the work is not that valuable but beauty technicians often help people to overcome serious issues with their skin, which can massively boost their self esteem.

Getting qualified to work in the beauty and skincare field often involves a lot more on the job training, rather than a traditional college education. This works a lot better for some people that prefer doing practical training instead of classroom learning. If a career in the beauty and skincare business sounds like a good fit for you, these are some of your job options.

Beauty Blogger

Beauty blogs are huge at the moment and millions of people visit them for advice on products and routines from a trusted source. Products usually contain a lot of ingredients that you won’t have heard of so people often turn to beauty blogs to find out exactly what they’re using as well. Even with a fairly small following, you can make good money from running a successful blog but some people have built million dollar businesses from it. There are quite a few bloggers that have launched their own skincare ranges and managed to make a lot of money because they’ve already got such a huge following to sell to.


Estheticians are essentially skincare technicians and they cover a lot of different areas. Becoming an esthetician is a fairly short process and it shouldn’t cost you too much either. You can get your first certificates from community colleges or cosmetology schools and it will only take one or two semesters. Before you can start working you’ll need to pass a licensing exam to prove that you understand cleanliness and safety in the job. Estheticians usually earn around $30,000 at a normal level but that will shoot up as you progress.

Estheticians have a choice between working in a medical or a beauty role. As a medical esthetician, you can help people to overcome skin conditions and give them advice on how best to look after their skin. Alternatively, you could work in a beauty salon doing treatments for customers. Most estheticians specialize in a particular treatment, while some will use their knowledge and skills to set up their own salon business.


While you can advise people on medical issues and help them to prevent them as an esthetician, you aren’t qualified to perform medical treatments on people. The person that does that is a dermatologist. If you’re more inclined towards the medical side of skincare then this a good avenue to look into. You’ll need proper medical training so that means training as a doctor which is obviously going to take a lot longer than qualifying as an esthetician. Dermatology is an incredibly well paid field and you could be earning around $300,000 a year in some roles.

Sell Cosmetics

Most people have a daily beauty routine that involves all sorts of different products. There are so many beauty and skincare products on the market at the moment and companies are always coming up with new ones. The market for beauty products is massive and it’s always growing. Setting up your own shop to sell cosmetic products is a brilliant business idea that can make you a lot of money.

Organic beauty products are a popular trend at the moment. When you’re putting something in or on your body you obviously want to know what's in there. People are increasingly worried about chemicals in skincare products so lots of companies have started producing completely natural and organic ones. This is the fastest growing area of the cosmetics market and one that you should exploit if you’re setting up your own shop.

Tattoo Artist


If you’re creative and interested in working in the beauty sector then becoming a tattoo artist is a great combination of the two. Tattoos are pretty pricey so you could earn a good living out of being a tattoo artist but you’ll have to put a bit of time in. There are naturally going to be a lot of health risks involved with tattooing so before you’ll be able to work on people, you need to be trained properly. Doing an apprenticeship in a tattoo parlor is the only real way to train. They usually take about two or three years to complete before you can start working. Most tattoo parlors do piercings as well so you can branch out into that as well if you want to start making more money.

Beauty Exhibitions

With so many new products and technologies being released all of the time, it can be difficult for retailers and customers to keep up with the latest trends. Attending beauty exhibitions is the best way to know what products all of the professionals are using at the moment. Somebody has to plan those events and it could be you. It’s a brilliant way to combine all of your interests in the beauty and cosmetics industries if you aren’t interested in the hands on treatment side of things. You’ll need great organizational skills and contacts but the good news is, you won’t need any specific qualifications. If you start up a successful event that runs every year you stand to make a lot of money.

These are just some of your options for a career in the beauty industry.

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Tools for a Quicker, Healthier Meal

If you've been working all day and then have to come home and cook - you're going to feel like you haven't been able to take a break yet! Let alone if you're trying to go in the healthy direction, (you can learn more ways to stay healthy on It's a given fact that taking time to prepare a healthy meal is a lot more effort than other options - like chicken nuggets and fries that you've just pulled out of the freezer! But in doing this, you are going to fall into a habit, and any kind of regime that you have going on will be lost.

The thing is though, cooking healthily doesn't have to be some super time-consuming task - well, at least not if you have the right tools. By preparing all of your own food, you will have all of the control over what you're putting into your body, as well as how much of it. So if you're ready to spend the same amount of time cooking deliciously healthy meals as you once did throwing things in the microwave - here are all the best tools that you'll need to familiarize yourself with.

The stems on different salads aren't bad - they actually hold a lot of nutrients inside of them, but having said that, some people aren't a fan at all, and if that' the case then you'll need one of these. This cute little tool has different sized holes in it so all you have to do is push the stem through it, and all the leaves will fall off. Then just collect them and dispose of the stem.

Chopping scissors
Salads are wonderful when they're done, but preparing them can be rather annoying as there are so many different ingredients that can go into it. A great way to save yourself some time is with some salad chopping tongs. These look like scissors, but move in a chopping motion, perfect for all different kinds of vegetables.

Yolk extractor
The yolk of an egg does hold nutrition inside, but sometimes it can be that extra fat that you may not want - especially if you're planning on making some healthy muffins (sweet or savory.) With this little tool, all you have to do is give it a little squeeze, and it will suck up the yolk so you'll just be left with the egg whites.

Double steamer
This is the new way of cooking your food. Not only does it have two-tiers so you can double up on whatever you're preparing, but all you have to do is put it in the microwave and the steamer will eliminate things like butter and oil which is needed when frying food, or even grilling it. Plus, it lowers the amount of time you spend cooking too. So just fill it up and add water.

If you've heard of zucchini pasta, then this is the appliance that makes it. It's a different way of cutting up your vegetables such as zucchinis, potatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, and more. You can then even replace your pasta with an array of different colored veg instead. Not only will it look visually appealing, but you will also be missing out on all the calories.

Juice it up
If you love drinking fruity beverages, than a juicer is a brilliant way to do that while knowing that everything is 100% fresh. Plus, it's a good way to sneak a couple veggies in as well. There are plenty of juicers on the market, so look on for some of the best listed. Apples, strawberries, kiwis, melons, mangos, carrots - whatever your favorite flavors may be, throw them in and start juicing - you'll soon be left with your purest juice yet.

Vegetable corer
It can be very frustrating sometimes when trying to remove the core from all the different veg you're handling without making a huge mess - especially when it comes to peppers! But now things have been made easy with a vegetable corer, so all you have to do is press down and out it pops.

Berry storage basket
After you have washed your berries, you may not have anything that you can keep them fresh in before using them. A usual bowl will just fill with water from the fruits, and then they'll end up going all soggy and flavorless. - This storage basket isn't just appealing - it's been designed to catch water at the bottom without touching the berries, while stopping any condensation from entering.

Year-round grilling
You won't have to get the barbecue blues anymore with this indoor/outdoor electric grill. Grilling food uses a lot less oil than what you would use if you were frying, so this is a great option - and it tastes delicious. And you don't have to wait for the weather to determine what you do, because you can just move it inside if ever the heavens opened.

No mess peeler
Vegetables don't have to have their skin peeled, in fact, that's where a lot of the good stuff hides, but some people don't like the idea of eating the outside - which is fine. But peeling always gets messy, at least it did. This is a tool that peels everything away while holding it inside the container, so no mess is left on your worktops. Then you just empty it out once you're done.

Herbal holder
Herbs are a lovely way to add more flavor to a boring dish, and the fresher they are, the better it will taste. Having said that, herbs don't last for very long once they are out in the air as they tend to wither away within a day or two. You can stop this from happening with an herb container that keeps everything fresh for up to three weeks when kept locked away in the fridge.

Portion control

Sometimes, it's not just the food that you're preparing that's important, but it's also the size of your portions that you're serving. It's actually quite hard to judge appropriate sizes from the naked eye, so now you don't need to. Find out why this is so important on

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Warming Up My Long Bohemian Dress for Fall

It is getting cooler and cooler here.  Actually, you never know what you're going to get.  It was 80 degrees two days ago.  Then a Fall storm blew in and brought us cooler weather. . . . . . like already in the 30s cooler weather.  

>>I received this dress from Top Tier Style for free to facilitate this style story.  <<

As in my last post about this cute bohemian dress, shown below

I'm not ready to give up my cute dresses just yet!  So here's how I plan to wear this one a little bit longer.

This dress is a little more revealing than I'm used to wearing.  I had the perfect black tank and black skinny jeans to wear underneath, though.   I love the high-low styling and the big ruffle on the bottom.  The peacock pattern is pretty cute, too.

I truthfully would always wear this dress with some kind of bottom underneath because the buttons go a little high for me, but it would be cute to throw on over a bathing suit in the Summer to go out for drinks.  In the Fall though, you can wear it with boots and a jacket.

And if it's not cool enough for a jacket, just throw a scarf around your shoulders and fly like the peacocks on the dress. . . . . . sorry, had to throw a little Quirky in there.  

The bohemian dress in this review was provided by Top Tier Style. If you would like to purchase your own, use the coupon code BLOG15 for 15% OFF everything in their store!

How are you welcoming Fall?

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Returning to Work After Life as a SAHM

For those of us who have been fortunate to enjoy the unique experience of being a stay-at-home-mom -- commonly abbreviated to SAHM -- the idea of returning to work is an alien one. Whether you have been out of the workplace for six months or 16 years, considering a return to work can feel incredibly odd, like something from another life that you have forgotten exists.

However, most SAHMs will reach a point where they want to consider returning to work. This is a healthy development, for the most part. It’s perfectly possible to always be there for your children even if you work a part-time job or return to education. You’re always going to be there for your child when required; to borrow a common phrase, you’ve got this.
Of course, while moving back into the workplace might be feasible, that doesn’t mean it won’t have its own unique set of challenges. If you’re contemplating a return to work, then you’d be wise to keep an eye out for the following occurrences-- so you can handle them like the pro you are if and when they arise.

It Will Take You Some Time To Adjust

Even if you actively love the idea of returning to a working environment, actually doing so is still going to be a real shock to the system. Up until this point, your days have focused on keeping your child/ren happy-- now, you’re going back into a competitive environment where you have to keep your boss happy too. That’s pretty jarring, not least because you’re never going to be as invested in your boss’ happiness as you are in your child’s!

So when you return to the workplace, don’t assume that you’re just going to be able to hit the ground running. It will take awhile and you may struggle with feelings of guilt, but this will ease over time.

You Might Have To Start Small (And Work Up)

The longer you have been out of the workplace, the more you might need to return to the bottom of the career ladder when you resume working. Having great work experience is wonderful, but if that work experience is a decade or more old, then few companies are going to see it as particularly relevant to the modern working environment. It might be worth taking a few vocational courses, just to set you on the right track, and ensure you have something to show you’re still dedicated to a career.

If you do have to start small and work your way back up to your rightful place, that’s okay. See it as a challenge rather than a knock on your abilities. You never know, you might fill in an Applebee's online application at for a server role and find yourself promoted to manager within a week, as your natural skills just can’t hide themselves! There’s nothing wrong with going back to the start with entry-level jobs like waitressing or basic office admin. It’s just a step in the right direction for you.

It May Take Longer Than You Anticipated To Get Hired

Employers don’t like to see gaps on a resumΓ©, even for a completely justifiable reason like staying at home to raise your child. So don’t be surprised if it takes longer than you’d anticipated to receive a job offer. Use the lag time to update your skills or even take on volunteer work, so you can show a prospective employer that you have the time management and commitment abilities to work outside the home (albeit in an unpaid position). These might sound like small fry, but it’s a way of showing a potential employer that you’re committed to making the change, and you’re ready to put the effort in to show you’re a viable candidate.

You’ll Experience A Different Kind Of Fulfillment


Let’s be honest; it’s nigh-on impossible that you will find your life as a worker as fulfilling as being a SAHM. The two things just can’t even hope to compare to one another.

What you might experience is a different kind of fulfillment; one that is able to delight in adult company on occasion. You will likely find you are positively delighted every time you have the chance to spend time with your child/ren; even a few, part-time hours of work will feel like a lifetime, and you’ll absolutely delight in being reunited with them. So while the transition back into the workplace might be tough, it should also have a few extra benefits that make life that little bit easier.

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Life Hacks that All Moms Need to Know

When you bring a baby home from the hospital, it brings with it so many feelings. A feeling of love for your new baby, as well as a feeling of being overwhelmed by all that you need to do. Which is why every new mom needs to take some time out and figure a few things out. There are plenty of ways that can help your life as a new mom, so make sure that you take advantage of them. Even if you’re not a new mom, there are certain hacks that can help us all. We would love to hear what you think!


Create a Routine

Routine can be a little dull of us as adults. But with children, gone are the days of laying in or taking spontaneous trips to the coast. If you were already a person that liked to plan, then this will be something familiar to you. But if this is a whole new world to you, then you just need to know that having a routine can really help you know where you’re at with things. You know what your baby or children are doing, as well as what you need to be doing with your time. So create a schedule that works for you and try your best to stick to it.

Ask For Help

There is no getting away from it; being a parent is hard! There are so many rewarding things about it, but some days are just darn hard. So ask for help when you need it. You might need a neighbor to babysit for just an hour so you can get groceries alone. It might be that you decide to hire maid services to clean the home every so often. Just do what you need to do to be the best mom you can be and stay sane. A happy mom means happy kids, right?

Keep a Journal

Although it may not seem like it at the time, keeping a journal can be such a great thing to do. Not only can you enjoy it and find it cathartic to write, but it also means that you can record the things that your children do, like funny things that say or the milestones that they reach. Trust me; this time with younger children flies right on by. So embrace it and keep records of it all.


Make Mom Friends

Even if you have got a very understanding partner, sometimes you need another woman to talk to. Another mom that knows exactly what you are going through. So if you don’t already have too many mom friends, then look for ways to meet some more. It might be that you could try a new baby class or toddler group. Keep those friendships alive, and they can last a lifetime.

Take Care of Yourself

It can be hard to find the time to take care of yourself when you’re a busy mom, but it is oh, so vital. Set aside time to exercise or to do a hobby that you love (even if that just means taking a nap alone)!

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