Happy Fall Printables to Frame or Use for Crafts

I'm beginning to think that Fall is EVERYBODY's favorite season!  

Seems I see more seasonal posts in Fall than any other season~~ the crackle of leaves, the smell of bonfires, the beautiful warm oranges, browns and golds.  The smell of apples at an apple farm.  The Pumpkin Spice everything!

I've created these 2 Fall Printables that can be used for whatever reason you would like.  You should be able to right click to save them to your computer as a photo, and print them out.  If you're planning on framing them, just remember to set your print size to 8x10.

Fall Printable with Words in Heart Shape
Happy Fall Pumpkin Printable with Quote
What is your favorite part of Fall?

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World Travelers Can Make Use of These Products

The nomadic lifestyle is a very appealing mode of being for those people who possess the ever romanticized ‘wanderlust.’ This is usually the most freeing mode of living, because it affords you the opportunity to constantly shift your location. You may take part-time jobs here and there, but on the whole, moving, meeting new people, and personally experiencing the lay of the land is your highest priority. For this reason, living cheap, carefully and within your means is likely high on your agenda. However, there’s no reason you should limit yourself to this. No matter how nomadic you are, and how many times you have seen ‘Into the Wild,’ you can surely benefit from the free market to a degree.

There are a plethora of products to help yourself with an easier time while you move across the country, or move across international borders. We’d like to explore a couple of those with you. No matter if you like to backpack, set root in locations for a month at a time, or simply take extended camping trips outside your own home to get away from the chaos of ‘the hive,’ these products can benefit you to a degree as well!

Bed Bug Prevention

Bed bugs are easy to pick up on the road. When moving from place to place, it’s not as simple as throwing a treatment on all of your goods either. This can leave most of your clothes smelling for a period, and that can be difficult when you have to pre plan your laundry washes in the first place. The best method of stopping this, in this case, is prevention, not a cure. For this reason, using bed bug proof luggage can really help you in the fight against dirty laundry and infestation.

5 Strategies to Sleep Better Every Single Night

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Sleep is so important to our health, wellbeing and relationships, yet many of us struggle to get enough. Quality sleep usually involves about seven and a half hours of uninterrupted slumber. Many parents struggle to achieve this, especially when children are very young. Sleep doesn’t just offer rest and relaxation. It also allows the mind to sort all of the day’s experiences into useful memories. Sleeping well helps us make better sense of the world around us.

Of course, even people with no children or reasons to be disturbed in the night can struggle with sleep. You might find it difficult to nod off, or challenging to stay asleep for the whole night. Missing just one night of quality sleep can impair your focus and your physical response times. Miss a couple more, and your entire metabolism and mental health might be suffering.

If you’re looking for ways to master the art of sleeping, then you will need to adopt a strategy to improve your approach to it. There are 5 key strategies you can try to help you sleep better every single night. Not all will work all the time, as you can’t control everything all at once. But they can certainly help you have the best chance at achieving quality sleep from day one. Try one of these 5 strategies to sleep better every single night:
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