How to Effortlessly Keep Your Tile Flooring Clean

Tile flooring can be one of the more challenging hard-surface floors to keep clean due to the grout between the tiles and the way in which grit and sand can build up and dull the surface. In high-traffic areas, such as the hall and kitchen they can be especially hard to maintain a look that is shiny and new. Here are some tips to help keep your tile flooring looking its best.

Vacuum Tiles Regularly

When dirt, grit, and sand are constantly being brought into your home, vacuuming regularly is a great way to remove the build-up of grime that covers your floor. By choosing to vacuum frequently over sweeping the floor, you will pick up more of the residue that accumulates over time. A vacuum cleaner that is designed for tile flooring will work best.

Mop Your Tile Flooring

Avoid using a sponge mop on tile flooring as it can push grit and sand further into the grout. Instead, use a soft microfiber mop head, and dip it in a bucket of hot soapy water. You can add some lemon juice or vinegar for a natural solution, or purchase a cleaner from your local store.

Make sure to refresh the water solution when it looks murky so that the dirty water doesn’t make the surface of your floors look cloudy. If you find that your floor still has a cloudy appearance despite your best efforts, you can spray it with an all-purpose cleaner that is non-abrasive.

It is important to dry the floor with a towel after you have cleaned it. This can be done by placing a towel on the floor and pushing it around with your hands, foot, or even a dry mop head. This will give it a polished look.

Clean Your Grout

Grout is a porous material and can easily absorb dirt, grit, and sand. You can purchase a grout cleaner from the store, try a bleach solution, or mix baking soda and water as a homemade and cheaper option. Whatever option you choose, it is a good idea to wear gloves and give the cleaner time to sit on the grout before you scrub it off.

Some choose to scrub the grout with a toothbrush or a scrub brush that is not made of metal, as metal will scratch the floor. The grout can air dry and then be followed up with the use of a silicone-based grout sealer to prevent grit and dirt from further being absorbed.

If your grout is really being stubborn, try a cleaner that contains sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite, two ingredients that are great at removing stains and grime. These compounds are often found in toilet bowl cleaners and can be a great alternative if you have already tried the other options.
The easy to squeeze spout on a toilet bowl cleaner allows for you to better reach the narrow grout that lies between the tiles on your floor. As these are harsher ingredients you may want to use a mask if you choose to clean your grout in this way, as breathing in too much can be harmful. If the grout does not come clean, it may be time to replace it.

Keep your tile floors clean with regular vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning the build-up of grit and dirt in the grout. All of this maintenance will go a long way in keeping your tile floors looking their best and help make them last for years to come.

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How to Feel Confident in Your Body

Everyone is living with insecurities. However, some people allow theirs to define their everyday lives. From the condition of your hair to your body weight, there might be things about your appearance you love or loathe. To help you feel happier in your own skin, we’re going to show you how to feel confident in your body.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
The first thing you must do is stop comparing your body to others. It doesn’t matter if you dream of looking like a celebrity or having a similar figure to a friend, you need to stop the comparisons. The less expectations you set, the more content you will feel in your own body.

Choose Your Friends Wisely
You may not realize that your friends might be the reason behind your body confidence issues. Ensure you only surround yourself with friends who do not judge or criticize who you are or how you look, which could dent your self-esteem.

Learn to Take a Compliment
Are you guilty of deflecting praise when it is given to you? Learn to take a compliment so you don’t give in to any negative thoughts. Don’t say you threw on your new top or that your hair doesn’t look as nice as they say it does. Simply say “thank you”. The more compliments you accept, the more comfortable you will feel when accepting them in the future – and you may finally start to believe them.

Be Open to Change
Nothing can boost your confidence quite like a new hairstyle, dress or makeup. Look for new ways to increase your confidence, so you can start living your life to the full. For instance, many people turn to Dr. Ramiro Morales for cosmetic surgery procedures that can considerably boost their self-confidence.

8 Fashion Trends to Spice Up Your Summer Style

Yes! It's summer again.  For fashion lovers like me, it sure is a season to stay rocking and try on as many amazing outfits as possible.  Or. . . since I'm doing Project 333, dream about trying on all the outfits.   Amidst all the heat, you have to go to work, attend school, be at events, go to the beach and stay classy at the same time.

Now, the most common challenge is finding the right combinations, but more importantly, the right fit for the occasion.  These are some of the outfits that will spice up your summer.  They are relaxing, chic and glam.

Off the shoulder and cut out tops.
Undoubtedly one of the sexiest forms of dressing in summer. They are cool, sophisticated and portray the 60s style.

Could be fitted or flowy; whichever suits your style. Off shoulders and cut outs are more alluring with embroidery designs, which is even cooler when you have a home embroidery machine from popular, but reliable brands as seen on Design My Costume. You could work it out yourself.  On denim shorts, trousers or pants; you are so good to go.

Cold Shoulder Tops
Cold Shoulder Tops by hbhl featuring a ruffle top

Micro Pleats
Pleats were once considered old fashioned and trust me they’re the real deal right now. Thankfully, they have evolved into many types; micro, mini and full.

micropleat skirt with simple tops

The micro pleats create the boldest and most pleasurable means of enjoying the sweet summer breeze at the beach. But, a little swish here or there in the office won’t wrinkle your style. Pleated skirts may be worn with off the shoulder tops, strapless tops and sleeveless tops. With the humid grip of summer, pleats allow for breathing space.

Hormones & Mood Swings -- An Infographic

Nurture and nature: That’s the constant debate in trying to predict how someone will turn out. Nurture, of course, means how the people and the environment you’re raised in affect the personality you have and the person you become. But nature? That’s just what you’re born with—your eye color, your hair color—and that you cannot, without huge efforts or outside intervention, radically impact.

                One of those nature factors is hormones. Every person, male and female, has them, and they impact much about our appearance. But for women, hormones have other effects that can make themselves apparent, including reproduction, metabolism, and overall emotional health, particularly during periods of increase or decline.

                However, instead of approaching hormones as this untouchable, uncontrollable factor, some women have started to embrace understanding what their hormones are doing, why it’s happening, and how they can make an impact. Read on for more insights into hormone levels.

You can click on the link below to be taken to the full-sized graphic.

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