Simple Rainy Day Paper Crafting Ideas for Bored Kids

School holidays and rainy days are a nightmare for parents. There is only so much TV kids want to watch, so eventually, they will be bored out of their minds. If the weather is sunny, a trip outdoors is a good idea, if only for your sanity, but when it’s raining outdoors, you need to get creative.

Arts and crafts are a great activity for bored kids. You can do so many things with a few sheets of paper and a glue stick. At first glance, the thought of making a huge mess is off-putting, but as long as you protect surfaces, it should be easy to clear up afterwards.

You don’t need to be artistically gifted to have fun with arts and crafts. Kids love to get stuck in, but it's also good fun for adults!

Here are some fun ideas for an afternoon of paper crafting. All you need is colored paper, glue, scissors, paint, glitter, and bits of fabric. Oh yes, and some imagination!

Greetings Cards

Making greetings cards is a fun craft activity around Christmas and Easter time, but you can make cards at any time of the year. For older kids, Adobe offers a great free online card maker tool, but younger kids will enjoy making cards the old-fashioned way.

Is Invisalign Right for Your Teen?

If it seems as though few Americans get through their teenage years without braces, your perceptions aren’t that far off. Almost 75% of all U.S. kids have some serious orthodontic issues once their adult teeth come in. While most teens end up getting braces, 50% of kids would prefer to skip that part of childhood altogether and deal with misaligned teeth. The best time for any type of serious orthodontic procedure is between the ages of 10 and 14. That’s when the teeth are most conducive to adjustments. Invisalign for teens can potentially be a feasible alternative solution when it comes to teeth strengthening for teenagers. But how can you tell if it’s right for your kid? 

Budget Friendly Online Educational Website for Young Kids

One of our favorite Online Educational websites for kids when my kids were younger was  I know I've been posting about it a lot this week, but I seriously don't want you to miss this sale!!!  You can get an entire year of for only $45 right now during their Memorial Day Sale (May 24th - May 29th).  That price is 50% off.

Plus, you can have up to 3 kids registered to your account.  I broke the cost down in another post and it came out to around 4.2¢ per child per day if you have 3 kids on the account.  Even if you only have one kid, it's around 12¢ per day.  That is an amazing price to keep kids busy ( I mean help kids learn) for a year!

If you don't believe that my kids used,

Get 1 FULL Year of for 50% OFF ~~ Only $45

Sometimes a company has a sale and you just want to shout it from the rooftop!  This is one of those sales. is having a Memorial Day sale!  Right now (May 24 - May 29th at Midnight) you can get an annual subscription to for 50% off.  That's right!  50. %. OFF.  That makes an annual subscription $45.

You can have up to 3 kids on your subscription.  My kids loved ABCMouse when they were younger. There are so many ways to learn.  You can see our review of the website HERE.

20 Pom-tastic DIY PomPom Crafts for Adults and Kids #pompom #diy #craft

Pom, pom, pom, pom, pom, pom, pom!  Pom-Poms are everywhere!  I know they started trending a while ago. . . maybe years.  I'm here to tell you that I'm just NOT going to be on the front part of that trendy bell curve any more.  I'm a 46 year old mom who is buried in laundry, dishes and soccer practices.  Right now we're dealing more with hormones ~~ my menopausal hormones and my kids puberty hormones~~than trying to keep up with trends.  But I still LOVE seeing the pompoms.

I remember back in the 70s and 80s when we used to make homemade pompoms and put them on the front of our roller skates or saddle oxfords, which incidentally, are also back.   I'm probably a little too old for saddle oxfords and pompoms right now, but I might wear a pompom necklace or decorate my porch with pompoms.

Whether you craft with homemade yarn pompoms or the tiny little store-bought pompoms, here are some super cute DIY pompom crafts.  As always, the links to the original creator are in the caption of the photos.  Enjoy and be sure to let us know which is your favorite craft!

I've also Pinned a lot of different pompom inspiration to my Pompom Craft Pinterest board.

Here are my top 20 picks!

Keep Young Kids Educationally On Point Over the Summer for Pennies a Day!

I know we're all probably just sliding into these last weeks of school like we're on a slip 'n slide~~ arms flailing, maybe a little bumped and bruised, but still enjoying the ride.  If you have preschoolers, your kids might already be out of school!  I'm not gonna lie. . . . . . I know exactly how many more days I have to wake up early and prepare school lunches.  (By the time you're reading this. . . . about 9 more lunches. Yippee!)

I love the somewhat (hopefully) lazier days of Summer.  But Summer brings with it at least two challenges. The first challenge is keeping the kids' mind busy over the Summer so that they don't lose all of the information they've learned.  The second challenge is trying not to hear that dreaded "MOM!  I'm bored."

If you have smaller kids in the age range of preschool to 2nd grade, there is a great educational website called

My kids used it all the time when they were younger.  There are SO many ways to keep young minds active, engaged and learning on  You can see our more in-depth review of the website HERE.

AND I Have GREAT News for YOU!!!

Flirty, Floral, Fun~~ 20 DIY Recycled Egg Carton Flower Crafts

I was looking for new egg carton crafts since I have so many egg cartons.  We used to keep the egg cartons for our neighbor down the street who has chickens.  But, even she doesn't need as many egg cartons as we have.  We go through some eggs, man!  Holy Shmoly we eat a lot of eggs.