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Well, I plan on Fridays being "Family Friday" on my blog.  But, I don't have my "family" blog ready for today.  So, I think I'll do "Fun Fact" friday since I have a lot of new friends and it will be fun to get to know each other.  Here's some alphabetic things about me.  Just A - F today!! 

  • A- Animals--I don't own any.  I've tried before, but it's just not my thing.  Sorry!
  • B- Ballet--I always wanted to be a Ballerina when I was younger, but my family told me that since my feet were flat I would probably never be able to do it.  I still haven't taken Ballet.  But, I used to dance around my house and study the 5 positions and try to do it.
  • B- Basketball.  My dad made me play basketball on a little league team for 2 years in Junior High.  I was good at Free throws.  But, I wasn't aggressive enough to be a really good player.  I won a Free throw contest at half time at a High School game one time.  The prize was a plant. LOL
  • B-  BASE jumper.  Not me!  My husband is a BASE jumper.  And a skydiver.
  • C-  Cruise.  My husband and I met on a cruise. 
  • C-  California.  I have always had a weird attraction to and desire to go to California.  Going to California twice has done nothing to change this.
  • D-  Dogs.  I was terrified of them as a child.  I would probably still get freaked out if a big dog came up to me. 
  • D-  Ducktales--Remember the kids show?  My friends and I actually made a point to watch this whenever possible--our freshman year of college.
  • E-  Education.  I was always an education snob.  Not a money snob.  I don't care how much money you have.  But, I never, ever, ever thought I would marry a man without a college degree because I worked my butt off to get mine.  I ended up marrying a carpenter.  He just didn't like "sitting" through class. 
  • F-  Florida.  I was born and raised in Florida.  I used to think that I was so luck to have been born in the United States.  And extremely lucky to have been born in Florida.  I loved it!  Now I live in Ohio.
  • F-  Fashion.  That was my major.  At least the one I ended up with.  I changed majors five times in college.  Yeah, I'm flaky like that.  But, I have this curious, scientific, intellectual side. . . and then there's this creative side. . . I chose creative.  My fashion "sense" now is jeans and whatever I can throw on to keep warm.  But, I still love to look at fashion and wish I was still young enough to wear whatever I want.
  • F-  France.  Another place I obsessed about.  I wanted to be an exchange student in France soooo bad.  I took 4 years of French in High School and a semester in college.  Today, I might be able to say "Hello" in French.  But, I was going to re-learn it a couple years ago and now have an entire bookshelf dedicated to all things French.  I told you I was bookaholic.  Oh!  And I still haven't made it off this contininent( I think I'm stuttering!)  Too much coffee already?
That's all for now!  I would love to see everyone else's lists!!!

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