Going to Doctor=Breaktime for Mommy

Yippee!!  I have a doctor's appointment today!  I don't care that it's a "girl doctor".  I will actually be in the van on the way to the doctor by myself!  There won't be anyone else in the van with me.  I love my kids!  But, it's nice to get a break sometimes, even if it's just going to the doctor.  I even hope she's running just a little late so that I can read a book.  I thought about taking Love and Logic with me, since it was recommended by a friend.  But, I decided to take Eat, Pray, Love with me instead.  Since it's mommy time I might as well indulge.  And I need to read the book because I heard the movie was better than the book.  So, obviously I don't want to watch the movie first.

And since it's "Thankful Thursday", I'm thankful that I have another Stay at Home Mom friend nearby who is able to help me out when I need someone to watch my kids.  I hate asking for help of any kind, so it's nice that she's there and able to help.  Thanks Lisa!!  Because really, there are just some things I'm not ready for my 4 year old daughter to see yet. 

That's gonna be my Thursday!  That and getting my coupons organized so that I can make my big "February" trip to Giant Eagle.  I've earned my 20% off in Food Perks and I'm ready to use it!

Everyone have a great day!  And if you get any "mommy" time today, enjoy it!

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