Helping Others By Keeping Fit

How you can Help a Charity by Keeping Fit

If you decided to get in shape this year, I have good news! All of that hard work you will put in can benefit someone other than yourself.

There is a wonderful site called “Plus 3 Network”. It is a FREE site that connects charities, benefactors and ordinary exercisers. Charities include The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, The Nevada Cancer Institute (my chosen charity), Animals R People 2, The American Heart Association and The Alzheimer’s Association, among others. This is how it works: You go to the site, create an account and choose your charity. Each charity is connected to a company that will pay for every exercise that you do along with the others who have chosen the same charity. Since their inception, they have been able to donate $235,000 to nonprofits.

I have belonged to the website since August of 2009. I like it because they have a log and calendar where you enter all of your activities. Plus, you can have your friends join and do it together! Then, you can be not only accountable to yourself, but to your friends also. PS3, as it’s called for short, used to only allow donations for walking, running and biking. But, now they donate for all kinds of fitness activities including swimming, yoga, dance, ice skating, skiing, weight training, zumba and many, many more.

I like the website because they have goals and rewards that you can work toward. But, I especially like the calendar. You can see everything that you’ve done in the current month. It motivates me to see how much I can help my chosen charity earn. Usually, I only earned around .25 cents a workout since I was doing yoga and dance, but that actually made me work harder. I was always doing more so that I could figure out how to get to $10 in a month. And if you usually do more aerobic exercises, those pay more per hour.

Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I’ve worked out. You know how it goes. . . you get a head cold and can’t do the inverted yoga poses because it feels like your head might explode. Or, you have a bulging disc in your back because you tried to do a backbend or some crazy belly dancing move. No? Just me? At any rate, I’m ready to start again, and I love that I have that extra motivation.

I hope that you will join me!

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