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Genetics are funny

As I type this, I'm waiting for my hair color to "take" on the roots before I "pull it" the rest of the way through.  I started getting my first gray hairs at eighteen.  That's twenty-two years of my hair turning gray.  So, now I color every 3-4 weeks.  My grandmother was almost completely gray when I was born and she was in her early forties.  Genetics are a funny thing!

It's so funny for me to see how different each of my children are, but how similar they are to my husband or me.  My son entered this world looking just like my husband.  After the first year, he started to look like me.  Now, he's like a skinny little male mommy clone.  He got the skinny little bird legs, the blue eyes.  The only difference is that he's blonde.  He has the same interests.  He has the same fears.  It's absolutely crazy!

My daughter on the other hand is her daddy.  She has the muscular build and the hazel eyes.  She's adventurous to a fault.  She's already told my husband that she wants to go skydiving with him.  When she goes on the Jumpy thing in the middle of the mall. . . you know the one where they put them in the harness and bounce them reeeeaaaally high?  She goes higher than the poles.  She's the one that is the "attention getter".  The kid that ends up being the class clown.  Just like her daddy. 

I find myself wondering a lot of times what I was like as a child. I remember some things.  I remember that I was shy and that I liked to dance.  I remember that I liked to read.   I remember that if any of my friends or cousins ever played anything, I had to be the leader.  Did I act just like The Builder does?  We were both first borns.  He is the one that seems to be more like me.  And I wonder now, which of my parents was I (am I) really like?  Watching my kids grow up is raising so many questions about my childhood.  It's interesting comparing my past experiences with what my kids are doing. 

It's another reason having kids is so interesting.  It really does bring you full circle.  It makes you think about so many things.  They open our eyes to ourselves. 

Do you find that your kids look/act like you or your husband?  Which of your parent do you think you're like?  Of course, if you're adopted or have adopted kids, it changes the whole equation.  That would be interesting to see too, though.  The whole nature versus nurture thing.

Oh!  And everyone have a wonderful Valentine's day!

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