(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday

The "ice curtain" outside my window last week.  Thank goodness everything is thawing now.  It will be in the 50's on Friday!!!  Yippee Ki-Yay! (reference to Sunday's post)

Cutting dough to make homemade whole-wheat pita pockets.

All the little dough-balls are ready to be rolled out!

The puffy pitas.  My favorite part is watching them "puff up" in the oven. 
All twelve pita pockets were gone within 24 hours.  I never got to make my pita chips!!  I knew there was a reason I usually doubled that recipe!

Okay!! A lot of people have asked for the recipe for this, so here is the link that I use:

I think the most important parts are letting the dough rise and then making sure that your oven is at 500 degrees.  I usually cook it 3-4 minutes on the first side, then flip for another 3 minutes.  I cook mine on my Pampered Chef cooking stone and I put the stone in the oven as soon as I turn it on so that the stone is hot when I start.  About 2/3 of mine turned out puffy and the other third ended up like flatbread.  I think this happened because with opening and closing the oven door, the heat dropped below 500 degrees.  It is very important to cook it at a high temp! 

Everyone have a Great Wednesday!

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