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Paying it Forward! 7 Facts Award

The beautiful and kind Katie at "Love is Everywhere" gave me a "7 Facts Award".  I found her while I was hopping around one day and knew instantly I would love her blog!  She is so happy and lovely that it's contagious.  I just imagine that she's out spreading good vibes wherever she goes!  So, here's the award and the rules:

There has to be *Rules* - but it's no fun if we don't break them.
1. Link the person who awarded you! "Love with Katie"
2. Post 7 Random facts about yourself.
  1. Tulips are my favorite flower.
  2. I was in a Ukelele band in the 5th & 6th grade.  Baritone Uke.  It's bigger than the ones you usually see--has the bottom 4 strings of a normal guitar.
  3. I am seriously scared of lightning.  I grew up in Florida.  It's crazy dangerous there.
  4. I went to both of my proms stag. 
  5. The first time I went to Disney World, I was 1 yr. old.  It was the first year they opened.
  6. I got my wisdom teeth taken out Dec. 20th and the left side of my tongue is still numb.  But, I think I'm either getting used to it, or it's getting a little better.
  7. I love road trips.
Rule #3--Pass this award on to 15 other bloggers!
  1. Emily--"Mama Days"
I know you are all busy!  So, please don't feel obligated!  Just thought I'd share the love and "Pay it Forward"!
Everyone have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

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