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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hi there.  Doing the "Scavenger Hunt" Sunday again!  I'm not a photographer!!  I'm just doing this for fun!  This weeks prompts were:  Capture the Sky, Everyday, Furry, Life and Blurred.  You can find the challenge here:

Capture the Sky--From the bottom of the Icy Red Maple Tree

Everyday--I have to cook and wash dishes.  Every. Day.

No Furry Animals to capture.  Got my daughter's "furry" vest.

Life--Green Onions.  My husband is amazed that it can just grow and "live" in a glass of water.

Blurred.  Don't know how to get rid of the darn date.  Remember that I use my Kodak easy share.  A friend told me that I could use photoshop.  But, don't own it and wouldn't have a clue how to use it.  LOL  Had fun again! 
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