Thankful Thursday

As it is Thankful Thursday, I would like to first thank a couple of my bloggy friends out there.  Thank you to Debra at High Heels and Hot Flashes for tagging me again in "The 7 Facts Award".  I politely declined this time, since I'm kind of "memed out" right now.  But, I wanted to make sure that I thanked her! 

Thank you also to Lauren at  The Elephant's Trunk

For hosting such fun giveaways!  I won her "Two Lilies Boutique" giveaway.  "Two Lilies Boutique" is an Etsy shop created by Danielle from "Whipper Berry"  You can find the boutique here:
You can find her extremely cute blog here:

So thanks again to Lauren and Danielle.

I would also like to thank Karen at "Not Just Babytalk"  for hosting another great giveaway that I won!!

I won the "Life as we know it" DVD!!  Yay!!  Thanks again Karen!!!

I'm also thankful that we'll be leaving for vacation in a week!  I'll get to see my family for a very brief time on our way down to Marathon Key. Yay!  So excited to see my family.  It will be 48 hours of driving round trip.  With 2 kids.  But, it should be fun!  I'm sooooo looking forward to it, because my kids are usually pretty good travellers and I love road trips.

I'm thankful that my bloodwork came back normal and that my cholesterol levels are great!  I guess "Perimenopause" hormones are no different than regular hormones, because something is messed up, but the tests came back normal.  But, apparently it's not something that's measurable.  Anyway!  I'm thankful that my bloodwork was normal.  And at least there's not a thyroid issue.

Everyone have a blessed Thursday! 
What are you thankful for today?

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