DIY Furniture Transformations

I always get "Spring Fever" in the Spring and need to change things. I'm not one of those people who can keep the same decor forever. I just get bored. My husband can never understand my need to rearrange furniture. But, I know I'm not alone!!! A lot of my friends are the same way. I also love paint. And I've lived with these white walls in this house for 2 years now!!! Aaarrrrrgh! But, we didn't want to do too much work before the remodel. Didn't want to waste the time or money. About to break though. I can't stand it anymore. Anyway! I saw this DIY Furniture Transformations "slide show" in a Better Homes and Gardens email and thought these ideas were super cute! Enjoy!!!  Just click the link below to take you to the slideshow.

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