Easy Sewing Projects

I looooove  "Better Homes and Gardens" emails today! 
Here's another link for quick sewing projects.  They have a slide show of different quick-sew items and give the patterns and instructions for free!  I liked:
#5--Tote--I'm a sucker for Tote bags for some reason.
#10--Pillow--I love this one because of the Rick-Rack.  Love Rick-Rack.
#13--Fleece Pillow Toys.  Too stinkin' cute!
#20--Whimsical Cake Centerpiece.  Having this might make me want cake too often, but it's very cute!
#23--Adorable Baby Blocks--What a cute idea!  And cheaper than bought ones.
#25--Wildflower Pin Cushion--I just love flowers.  And it's more fun than your standard ol' tomato.
Take a look at the link below for a little inspiration!

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