Florida Trip Pictures!!

Well, I figured I might as well go ahead and post the pics from our Florida trip. 
This first picture is from my daddy's back yard.  Growing up in Ohio, my husband thought all the plants were weird.

Jaycee helping Papa feed the chickens.

Logan helping.  He was a little more cautious.  He's like me.

Logan with a lizard Papa Henry caught for him.

The lizard.

Fast forward a couple days . . .
this is a pub everyone told us about.  You can decorate a dollar and staple it to the wall/ceiling, etc.  They estimate they have at least 100,000. 

The outside of the Pub.

Mike saw some kind of creature in the water.

Palm Trees from our Balcony at night.

Key Lime Pie!!  Yum-yum.

Smallest Bar in Key West.  Mike asked the guy "What is this place?".  The guy replied "An alley"

Me in the Smallest Bar. 

Sunset at Mallory Square.  We both left our sunglasses in the room.  Wow was it sunny!  Woo Hoo!

Where it all begins, or ends?

The storm coming through Florida the day we left the Keys.  See, told you we got lucky with weather!  We had nice weather the whole time we were there!  Until. . .

Everyone have a great weekend!~

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