Snapshot of Happiness

Sometimes in life, there are moments that inspire me and I want to remember them forever.

This morning, Future Fashionista had gymnastics, as she does every Tuesday morning.  We usually go directly from dropping off The Builder at school, which leaves us with a half hour to kill.
Today, I decided to go to a little coffee-house that's close to the gym.  As we were standing there, deciding on and then waiting for our order, I glanced around and noticed a table with a group of men.  I caught one of them looking at us.  And I thought about what he could possibly be thinking.  I tried to "picture" what he could be thinking.  I saw a glimpse of my life through someone else's eyes, even if it wasn't actually what he was picturing.

I saw an adorable little girl with pigtails, pajama pants, a long sleeved shirt under a Summer dress and her puffy winter coat, holding her favorite bunny, anticipating her yummy hot chocolate.  I saw a mommy looking at her little girl lovingly.  They both had smiles on their faces.  At that moment, that "snapshot" in time, they were both happy.  *We* were both happy. It was a simple moment.  A moment that was not extraordinary in any way.  But, we were both content and happy.

I want to hold on to those kinds of snapshots.  I want to be that loving, happy, fulfilled, stress-free mommy always.  Too many things get to me.  When I start to get stressed out and anxious about the housework, the kids' messy rooms,  what we're going to have for dinner, the dishes, paying bills, kids' homework, a cranky husband and everything else in life, I want to pull out that "snapshot" and remember the simplicity and happiness of it.   I want to remember the ease of just "being" for that brief moment in time.

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