Friday, March 25, 2011

Special Thanks for Blog Awards!

Thanks are due!  And I seem to have a theme with the people to whom I've passed these awards---They are all moms with mom blogs.  Real life moms with real life stories.  About being a mom.  Now don't get me wrong!  I love the craft blogs, the decorating blogs, the deal blogs, the photography blogs and the cooking blogs!  But every now and then I like to read about other moms and their kids.  I love to read the stories about what they're doing and I especially love it when they post about how hard or frustrating being a mother is, because I can relate! 
Now, to thank the lovely ladies that gave these awards to me.

I need to thank a couple sweet girls for giving me more blog awards.  You all rock!!!
Thank you to Tracy at "Having Fun Saving".  She is a stay at home mom who is on the lookout for deals and likes to share them on her blog!  She awarded me the "Stylish Blogger" award.
Thank you also to Amie at  "A meaning of an Optimist" for awarding me with the same award.  She likes to spread encouragement and inspiration throughout the bloggy world.
Thank you also to Sarah at "uberlibrariana".  She truly amazes me.  She works full time, is training for a marathon and has 2 kids.  Plus, she is quickly becoming a good "bloggy" friend of mine!

I also received the "One Lovely Blog Award" from Mia at
"My Mommy Confessions".   She started writing her blog to chronicle her everyday life as a Stay at Home Mom. 

With these awards, I am supposed to thank the givers!  Done!
I am also supposed to tell you 7 facts about myself.  This part is always hard, because I've already said so much in past posts.  But, here goes~

1. I never used to like coffee.  I could never even add enough creamer and sugar to make it palatable.  Now, I drink it black.  And lots of it!
2.  I don't have a real favorite color.  I like them allIf I have to answer, I usually say "Pink".
3.  I moved to Ohio on Easter weekend in 2000.  It's the same weekend this year.  Late.  Really, really late.  I thought that if I moved to Ohio that "late" in the Spring the cold weather would be over.  I was wrong.  Really, really wrong!  I think people back home had bets on how long I'd last.  I don't think anyone won.  ; )
4. My husband and I don't have the same beliefs.  I'm a Christian.  Him--not so much.  I think that fact makes me a stronger Christian.  And, as I said in one of my beginning posts, it's the biggest argument in our relationship.  But, I know that God is the one who brought us together, so there has to be a reason. 
5.  On the same subject--My husband being a BASE jumper and skydiver has strengthened my faith and trust in God.  I think it's funny when Christians ask me how I can stand to "let him do that".  I have to have faith people!!
6.  If I have the room, I change my furniture around a lot!  I moved furniture around until I was 8 months pregnant.  Probably with both kids.  I got yelled at.
7.  I started cooking when I was young(ish).  I can remember just picking up cookbooks and cooking from a recipe.  I love to cook when I have the time.  That's the key.  I have to have the time for the creative process.  It's actually relaxing for me.  I love to try out new things.  I am the queen of throwing things together and making "something from nothing".  But, since I never measure anything, I can usually never duplicate it exactly.  So, my husband says "Mmmm, can you make this again?"  and I say, "Hmmm,  I'll try".

Okay!  Now to pass this on.  As I said, I went with a theme and awarded it to all Mommy Blogs.  If you guys would like to participate, you can choose which award above you'd like to pass on!  I understand if you don't want to--we're all busy mommies!

Samantha--"Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much"--I love her take on being a mommy.  She's always wanted to be a mommy.  I loved her post on young mommies vs. older mommies.  Because I'm an "old" mommy!

Mandie--"Millie Morgan Media"--She's a mommy, she's a photographer and there's always something crafty going on at her blog!

Kathleen--"Treasured Chapters"--She's a homeschooling mommy with a unique background.  She's also a great photographer. 

Hope--"Peanut Butter and Hopey"--I love that she got up at 4:50 in the morning to go to a "Boot Camp" workout!!  Wow!

Becky--"Rub some dirt on it"-- Okay, I just love the title of her blog!  But she tells a mommy story the way no one else can!  Good Stuff!

Janae--"Diaries of a Grumpy Grateful Mom"--Her posts make me laugh out loud. 

I am supposed to grant this award to 15 newfound bloggers, but if I do that I wouldn't have time for my own kids!!!  So, there's the 6 I chose this time!  I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do. 

Everyone have a wonderful Friday!!!!!

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