Trying to find focus and inspiration

Today, I'm finding that I'm still not focused.  Vacations are supposed to leave you feeling refreshed, right?  Hmmm. . . maybe I need another one.  So, I'm looking up "inspiration when you're tired, exhausted".   Some suggestions that were listed on 
  1. Get a strong cup of coffee.  Done.
  2. Keep sight of the bigger picture.  I'm not sure I have a bigger picture.  Raise my kids the best I can.  That's my entire picture right now.  But, it gets befuddled by all of the minutia of everyday life.--Really, this is where all of the exhaustion comes in.  I become overwhelmed with all of the tiny little things that don't matter in the overall scheme of things, but nonetheless still need to be done.
  3. Change your diet.  Aha!!!  This one I KNOW I need to do.  And I was going to quit sugar 2 days ago, but I got a little stressed out and decided that an M&M McFlurry was in order.  Fail on the sugar cessation.
  4. Take a nap.  Hahahahahahahhahaha.  Spoken by someone without kids, obviously.
  5. Play Music.  This one sounds do-able.  Okay.  Music.
  6. Light a candle.  That one's my own.  I bought some springier candles last week and put all of my winter ones away.  The spring candles help a little. 
  7. Child's pose.  This one is mine too.  Before I left for vacation, the kids were for one reason or another getting on my nerves (I'm only human, folks).  So, I went to my room and sat in child's pose and just breathed for a couple minutes.  Ended up doing it a little later too.  Don't have time to take a nap, but I can take a couple minutes and just sit in child's pose.
Not once in the answers did anyone say anything about prayer.  In my devotional Bible this morning, there was this poem on one of the pages that I was reading.  I hope that if any of the rest of you are tired, weary, fatigued or just plain ol' worn out, this will help.

Lord, when my soul is weary
and my heart is tired and sore,
and I have that failing feeling
that I can't take it any more;
then let me know that freshening
found in simple, childlike prayer,
when the kneeling soul knows surely
that a listening Lord is there.
--Ruth Bell Graham

I think this poem was really more meaningful to me this morning because of my post yesterday that I was thankful for praying children.  We all need to be more like children in our faith. 

I hope that all of you are able to find the refreshment and focus that you need today to accomplish all of your goals.

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