Diet, Hop, Giveaway & Muddy girl Updates

We had a pretty good Easter here!  I hope everyone else had a good weekend as well.  I ate almost an entire bag of Sweetart Jelly Beans yesterday.  Can you say addictive?  Regular Sweetarts are one of my favorite candys.  But, I think now that Easter is over, I'm going to be giving up sugar.  And once I've given up sugar, I'll give up simple carbs.  I'm not sure I can give up the coffee, but we'll see!  I always feel better when I'm not eating sugar.  My joints don't ache.  I'm less tired.  So, that part is great.  It just takes soooo much will-power!
Also, I wanted to thank everyone who joined my first "Sit & Relax" hop this past weekend.  I especially wanted to thank all of you who posted the button!!  I think that that button will lead you back to the old post though, so you might have to get the new one this weekend.  I haven't figured that part out yet.  Sorry!  I'm learning as I go.  Remember, it will be open each week from midnight Thursday night until Midnight Sunday night.

In about one week, I'll be having my first giveaway!!!  I have a Real-Life friend who makes the sweetest, cutest little girls' hair accessories.  I'm looking forward to it.  So, if you have a daughter, niece or some other little girl that you'd like to accessorize, come back in about a week.

AND, it was pretty muddy here this past week.  Boy, does it get muddy in the spring.  In fact, my back yard is still under water.  We were at a friend's house on Saturday and 2 of our kids decided that they were going to play in the mud.  I can not wait until she sends me the pictures so that I can share them with you, because words are just not enough to describe what my little girl looked like.

Oh!  We're on Spring Break this week!

I know it was Easter, but did anything interesting happen for you guys this weekend?

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