Moving Along

Contributed by Milford Woods

When my daughter first told me she had accepted a job in Atlanta I was really excited. I couldn't wait for her to start her professional career, but pretty soon, panic set in. What was I going to do without my precious baby girl near me? She told me that she was going to buy a townhome in Buckhead which I thought was a really good idea until I realized she was going to be living alone for the first time in her life. Would she be safe? Especially in a city like Atlanta? I immediately went to to research a security alarm system for her new place, and that has made me feel a little bit better. She's already starting to pack up her belongings and the ball is really rolling on Shelley moving soon. I can't believe after all this time we have finally reached that stage of life where she's going to move away… I feel like it was just yesterday I was watching my little girl walk into her first day of school.

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