Show Us Your Town Hop | Explorations 5 Children's Museum

When we were in Florida, we went to a Children's Museum in Lakeland called Explorations V.  It had your typical "Children's Museum" stuff--Grocery Store

, News Studio, Fire Trucks,

etc.  But, in the basement it had this cute little "Orange Juice processing plant".  They had all of these little "oranges" that the kids could play with.  It was a great little play area.  My kids spent lots of time in this area.  And on the top floor of the museum, it had a Science area.  There were different displays that had more to do with science--microscopes, magnets, etc.
They also had this Hot Air Balloon basket~
And, since it's Florida~~Space Shuttle stuff!  
But, the coolest thing was the dragon they had hanging from the ceiling made of toys!
It was great way to spend an afternoon inside when it was too hot to be outside!

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