Mommy Bloggers I would LOVE to meet in Real Life

I have been blogging for eleven months now.  And I've met some pretty terrific people.  Some have been absolutely hilarious.  Some have been completely inspirational.  Some have been just down right friendly.  Here is my list of Mommy Blogger friends that I would love to meet in Real Life!

We'll start with the ones who are just down right friendly.
Courtney from Mommy LaDy Club

Mom Bloggers who are funny that I'd like to meet in person.  These women crack me up!!  It's hard to go to their blog and not laugh out loud at least one time.
Mom Bloggers that have helped lift me up when I was feeling down about blogging.  Thank you to you guys.  You just might have been one of the ones that have kept me going!
Maria from Flair by Maria S
Mommy Bloggers who inspire me with their Faith
Jen from Rich Faith Rising
Nona from Gr8 Day 2 Save
Rosann at Christian Supermom

The ladies below, I'd like to meet, because I just think it would be cool to hang out with them.
Sheri from Me and My Tadpole
Sarah from Uberlibrariana
Michelle from Wandering Still

If you didn't make the lists above, it doesn't mean that I don't love you!!  I would just be here all night if I didn't stop somewhere.  I'm going to go eat ice cream and watch a movie now.  It's been a long week.  Thank you to all of you for hanging out with me for the past 11 months!!!

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