Thanks Garland | Repurposed from the Halloween Chalkboard Pumpkins

I've been repurposing some of my Halloween decorations that I used for my "Spooktacular" Table setting.

Do you remember these little pumpkin chalkboards?
I took the chalkboard sticker off and repainted them.  I have some stencils that were actually larger than the pumpkins, but I used them anyway.  I painted around the actual punch out letter instead of using the stencil.  Kind of a reverse stencil.  I dabbed a yellow gold and metallic green in a random fashion over the whole pumpkin, trying to avoid the stem.  And, since I'm not great at stenciling, I outlined each letter with gold metallic paint to make a more sharp line.
Then, I cut toilet paper tubes into about 1 1/2 inch sections and glued them onto the back of the pumpkins.
 I strung the pumpkins on a wrapped piece of elastic that came off the edge of the fitted sheet that I used as "curtains" on Jaycee's loft. See. . . I try to reuse or repurpose everything! 

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