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Monday, January 16, 2012

Pretty up a Plain Ol' Jar Candle | Valentine Craft

I have been creating lots of handmade Valentine Crafts around here!  I'm having so much fun doing it!
Here is an idea to dress up a plain jar candle that you can get from a store.  I can get these larger jar candles from a local craft store for about $4- $5.
What you'll need
Jar candle
Hot glue

I started mine by placing the end of yarn in a dab of hot glue.  I glued a couple more places about 2 inches apart on the first wrap.  Then I wrapped the yarn, pulling it tightly, as close to the wrap beneath it.  Hold the yarn in your hand and turn the jar.  When I got to the top, I glued the end with a dab of hot glue again.  I glued a ribbon around the top and bottom of the yarn to cover the spots where the hot glue was.  I cut a heart out of felt and glued it on.  Then I made a little bow.  And voila!  Cute Valentine Candle.

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  1. These are really cute! I'm looking at my plain candle I bought at a craft store and thinking I should try this!

  2. sooo super cute! thanks for sharing this idea :)

  3. This is so cute and simple enough even for me to do!! Thanks!! This would be great to do with the kids for the grandparents! Thanks!

  4. Very pretty, Michelle! You're getting in the Vday spirit! :)
    Have a great week!!!!

  5. So cute! Why can't I think of fun, easy stuff like this?!
    Thanks for sharing. I think a trip to the craft store is in order.

  6. Thanks for stopping by the Stumble Me Friday hop! I've stumbled this post and love it! Definitely one that I am going to try :) Hope to see you again next week!


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