Finding Xs and Os on our Nature Walk

Future Fashionista and I went to the Nature Center yesterday since it was such a pretty day.  The Builder decided he didn't want to go.  So, it was just FF and me.  It was a fun time.  I tried to let her take the lead and tell me what she wanted to do.  She wanted to take a camera with her.  I was going to let her use my old one, but it eats batteries so quickly.  So, my hubby let her borrow his.  

So, armed with our cameras, we set out on our nature walk and decided to try to find Xs and Os since Valentine's Day is coming up.  The Xs were actually really easy to find since so many branches and logs lie around everywhere.  The Os were a little more tricky.  And almost every O that we found ended up blurry.  

We even found a Heart!  Although, the picture turned out blurry.  You can still tell it's a Heart.
How did you spend your Sunday. . . besides watching the Super Bowl?  It was gorgeous here!  We have really been quite lucky with the weather so far this winter!

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