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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Additions to the 50 Before 50 List

I started documenting my 50 before Fifty list yesterday.  You'll notice that there aren't very many "adventurous" things on there.  Just not my thing.  I leave that whole part up to my hubby. . . Mr. Skydiver and BASE jumper.  I guess one adventurous person is enough.  I just really don't have any desire to do any of that!  Who knows.  Maybe that will change by the time I have to make my 60 before Sixty list.  .  . I can just add 10 things at that point, correct?

Here are the additions :

18. Have a successful garden.
19. Make homemade Mozzarella
20. Go to New York City alone with my hubby.
21. Make a quilt.
22. Learn how to use a DSLR camera.
23. Become more proficient in a foreign language.
24. Cook every recipe in one of my cookbooks--I'm thinking Giada.
25. Go on the Toboggan chutes.
26. Go away for a weekend alone with Jaycee.
27. Go away for a weekend alone with Logan. 
28. Go for a girl's weekend with my sister and mom (& aunt & grandma? & cousin?).
29.  Weekend with my BFFs that I rarely get to see.
30.  Do the bike & ride on the Cuyahoga Valley Railway (obviously the kids have to learn how to ride their 
       bikes first!)

Okay. . . . . only 20 more to come up with!!  Yikes, this is hard!

    Come up with your list yet?



  1. Great list, what a good idea!

  2. #22 - I'm too challenged to learn so I got me a semi-DSLR!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Love this idea, I am going to write my list down in my journal and then look back and see what I can check off. Wonderful blog.

  4. I am currently working on #18...hadn't really thought of it being something I have "always" wanted to do, but it was...this is my second year and I already have it planned out in my head what I am going to grow. Loving your list!

  5. Looks like some fun ones!! I should definitely do this for some up coming years! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Visiting from VB


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