Black Bean Brownies

I was visiting a blog called Randomly Ruthful the other day and Ruth had a recipe for Black Bean Brownies in one of her blog posts.  I was intrigued, so of course we had to try them!
The ingredients and directions are very simple.
The recipe calls for 1 can of black beans
cocoa powder
vanilla extract
vegetable oil

For the full recipe, visit Randomly Ruthful

Here are some pics of our Black Bean Brownie adventure!
Jaycee helped me with this.  I knew she would love helping with anything that used a blender!  She had to rinse the beans first, though.  She also loves playing in the sink!  And this is what they looked like baked.
Everyone in my family loved them.  I wish they were a little chewier though.  Logan, my picky eater ate them too and told me that he loved them.  I still haven't told him what  was in them!

Have you tried these before or do you have any other gluten-free brownie recipes? 

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