The bouquet that keeps growing

I decided two weeks ago that I was going to buy fresh flowers every week.  I have a black thumb and can't grow my own.  And it's still too cold here for anything to grow.  Although, since the weather has been so warm, I did see someone's daffodils coming up.  And the robins are back.  Really early.  The birds and flowers think it's spring already.  We had a really incredibly gorgeous day today.  So, I can't blame them all for thinking it's spring.  

I bought my first small bouquet of flowers two weeks ago.  Then I bought more a little less than a week later.  And I bought more today.  Each time a buy a new bouquet, I change the water, get rid of the flowers and leaves that are drying up and re-cut the stems.  I haven't had to throw many flowers out yet, so the bouquet just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I think we'll be good for at least another week now.
I also got my hair cut today.  It is incredible how s-l-o-w it seems to be growing now that I'm growing the gray out.  I feel like I'm at a standstill!  The cut is a choppy little thing, but I like it!  I've always been a messy hair kind of gal.  Sorry about the absolutely horrible pictures!  I couldn't figure out which one showed the cut the best.  And really, it's hard to tell anything with that brown door behind me!  And you know what?  I got more than 2 inches cut off and my hubby hasn't even said a word to me about it, yet!  Typical.  ;)

Time to go cook the Salmon!  Have a great week, y'all!

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