Just Peachy

I never usually know where I'm going to end up with these daily fashion posts.  I started this one because I wanted to find a khaki short suit with a fitted jacket, but was having a hard time finding exactly what I was looking for.  So, it transformed into this outfit.  I love the brown shirt.  And somehow I ended up with peach accessories.  There really never is any method to my madness.  I find something I like and then I try to find things that I like with it.  I switch accessories out all the time.  This one actually had a scarf with it, but then I liked this necklace.  And there were several different bracelets and rings that were going to be shown, but then I went a different direction.  I LOVE the peach terry cloth beach bag.  LOVE.

This is part of my "Daily Fashion Challenge".  You can find the rest of my creations HERE.

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