Living Room Idea Inspiration for the Remodel

This is my Living Room design inspiration.  Larger image below!
Living Room Ideas
Of course, I can never have this because it's too "girly" looking and not "modern" enough for my hubby.  But, these are the colors that I'm hoping to go with.  Our couches now are a dark brown color that's actually supposed to be green.  But, they are really brown.  Just don't tell my hubby that.  He hates brown.  I'm not sure I can convince him of the earth green walls either. 

We had a light blue on our walls in the living room at the last house, but I think I'd rather use the blue as accents.

Interested in more Design Inspiration???     You can see a couple other living room design inspiration HERE (Blue colors), HERE (Marsala colors), and  HERE for Black, White &Pink Bedroom Inspiration or HERE for French Country Blue &White Office Inspo.

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