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Stick Puppets | Repurposing Cereal boxes and catalogs

This craft is literally made from page to table. 
 We cut pictures out of the pages of a catalog and created stick puppets.  Jaycee loves these and always wants to do puppet shows now.

  This is a great craft, but requires a lot of parent help if you want precision cuts and outlines for your puppets.  But, it's fun to sit down with your kids and do this.  You can cut while they glue the pictures onto the cardboard.

 We started by cutting out the pictures of full dolls.  The American Girl catalog was great because they show their dolls standing.  After you cut out the pictures, glue the picture to the printed side of a cereal box with a glue stick.  
 That way the back of the puppet is plain cardboard.  Then cut around the picture again.  Glue a craft stick or popsicle stick to the back of the cardboard figure with Tacky glue and let dry.
You can also make them stand by cutting a slit in the bottom and putting a piece of cardboard with a slit in the top together to form a stand.
Now, I just need to find some boy catalogs to do some for Logan!

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