What happens in the Kitchen, Stays in the Kitchen

.   .   .   . and our toothfairy stinks.  I think we should fire her.  These are the top stories coming to you from the HBHL household today.  

In our first news, we baked whole wheat chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes from a recipe I found at 
I started the recipe before I realized I didn't have any milk.  So, I ended up using plain yogurt.  I also had to use plain yogurt in the buttercream frosting.  I actually really liked the frosting with the yogurt in it, although it made the coloring a little spotty.   
After the kids and I ate some, we had four cupcakes left.  Later last night when I walked back into the kitchen, this is what I found~~

"I just love Mommy's frosting!"

In other news:
Our tooth fairy needs to be fired!  She forgot Jaycee's tooth two nights in a row now.  It stinks when the tooth fairy comes on a weekend night, because it's a free-for-all around here.  The kids stay up as late as we do and sleep wherever they want.  Logan sleeps in the living room, or the kids sleep together, or one of them ends up in our bed.  It's the only time they're allowed to NOT sleep in their own beds.  So, they take advantage of it.  But, when that happens, the tooth fairy loses her bearings.  And she doesn't deliver the goods.  We usually leave the tooth in a glass in the kitchen.  If you'd like to see what our tooth fairy brings, you can check out my Playing Tooth Fairy post from last year.

Also.  .  . I think I need to get another wine bottle stopper/pourer thingy.  This is how I had to close my wine last night.  I usually never have more than one bottle of wine open at a time.  But, I had a little white wine on Friday night.  And last night I wanted red wine.  So, the wine bottle stopper/pourer thingy was still on the white wine.  
Fancy, huh?

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