Saturday, March 24, 2012

When moms get overwhelmed | Desperate Housewives Video Memory

Every time I get overwhelmed with my kids and feel like I might have a screaming fit, I think of Lynnette on Desperate Housewives when she had had enough. Do you remember her freakout? I've felt like that so many times and I only have 2 kids. This is the scene after the freakout when she's crying on the football field. Do you remember this scene? I love it because it's when she finds out that she's not the only mom who isn't perfect and other moms get overwhelmed, too. With my hubby working at least 60 hours a week. . . at least for the past month and working the night shift to boot, I've about reached my limit.  He has already been gone 70 hours this week and will probably be working tomorrow, too, helping a friend out.  And it's hard without my family in town.  And, even if I spent every day hanging out with friends, etc, I still miss my hubby.  There's just  a void when he works this much.  I feel disconnected.  Anyway. . . here's the video.



  1. I love how real this scene is. That is difficult, I hope your husband's work load eases up soon.
    Take care,

  2. Oh my goodness, this post made me tear up. When this episode first aired, I watched it with a good friend of mine who was newly a single mom of two and she was so overwhelmed and she told me how much she felt like that sometimes, now a mom myself, I think back to that conversation and episode myself.

  3. Wonderful reminder that we all get overwhelmed trying to do right by our family. Hope that the work load eases some... love the new look around your blog! :)

  4. Praying for you Michelle! We need their help and it's so hard on us when they are not able to be there. Hubs was out of town this last week. I almost lost my noodle. Hugs for you sweet pea. Hopefully he will be home soon!

  5. I think we all go through this from time to time...just remember, this too shall pass. Thinking of you, and sending strength your way. PS - I bet you are a phenomenal Mom! Thanks for posting such an honest entry.


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