How to Wear Neon as an Adult

Some of us might remember all of the fluorescent stuff from the '80s.  Some of us might even remember it from the '60s (I don't, wasn't born yet).  But usually in fashion, what comes around, goes around.  And around and around and around.  I swore when I was in my teens or twenties that I would NEVER wear bell bottoms again.  Then, when I was in my twenties I wore bell bottoms again.  Luckily, they pretty quickly morphed into the bootcuts that we all know and love now.  But, as the lovely neon stuff is making it's comeback again, I thought I would share one way that adults might be able to get away with it!  

You can always check out all of my other Daily Fashion Posts and let me know which have been your favorites so far!  It has been a blast so far.  And, sometimes a blast from the past!

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