Monday, April 9, 2012

Taxes put everyone to Sleep!

Between hubby's weird shift and his working on the addition, we haven't been doing everything we are supposed to be doing.  .   . like taxes.  I was inside working on them and the kids had been outside for a while when daddy was home.  Daddy left.  Logan came back in and I asked him where Jaycee was.  He went to look for her and said, "She's up in her loft playing".  Then, he went into her room and came back to me and said, "No. . that was Minnie Mouse up in the loft,  Jaycee is in her bed sleeping."  Then, he sat in the office chair behind me and asked about a million questions while I was trying to focus on the taxes.  After a couple minutes he was quiet.  I turned back and he had his eyes closed.  Yep. . . he fell asleep and stayed like this for about an hour, until I carried him to the couch.
She never crawls into bed and takes a nap in the middle of the day.  Our trip to Chuck E. Cheese must have wiped both of them out.

I know Jaycee in the bed isn't weird.  .  .well, it's weird that she crawled into her bed in the first place. . . but where's the weirdest place your child has ever fallen asleep?

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