The Last Thing Thursday (Late)

I saw this at the Sasse Life blog.  I don't usually join very many memes, but this one was about motivation this week.  So, I decided to play along. 

The Last Thing I...
{Motivation Edition}

Worked-Out On:
On Wednesday, I worked out my legs at the gym.  (I did my upper body at home on Tuesday, so it was an all leg day Wednesday).  I did almost 11 miles on the bike and then I did two sets each on the three leg machines.  Those machines are the leg press, leg curl and leg extension.
Wanted to Buy When I Get My Legs TONED:

Bought That Was Healthy:

Almost everything that I've bought lately has been healthy.  I've been eating a lot of cruciferous veggies:  Cabbage, Kale, Brussels Sprouts

Bought That Was Not-So Healthy:
(hey I can't live solely on green drinks)
Pork Rinds.  Zero Carbs.  Horrible for you.
Pinned for Motivation:
 Got that motivated me:
A friend to work out with at the gym.  Knowing that I've made appointments to meet her there has kept me going! 
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