I Pixied Today!

I don't know if it's the perimenopause hormones or just the heat or just flat-out impatience, but I made an appointment yesterday to get my hair cut this morning.  I told my hubby yesterday, "Honey, I'm going to go get my hair cut tomorrow and I need you to be supportive, not mean."   One of the last times I got my hair cut, he said, "Aren't you being a little too aggressive with this?"  So, yesterday he told me, "It might be fun to come home to a different woman."  He is actually very supportive.  Here are some of the pics.  Ohhh. . . AND, I think you can see my shoulder muscles in these pics!  Woo Hoo!  All of that hard work is paying off.

*notes to self: must get eyebrows fixed and wear larger earrings*


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