Bye-bye bikinis, I'm a hipster girl now! (Yes, we're talking undies)

I've never been a big fan of those expensive lingerie store underwear.   I have always loved basic cotton underwear.  And even the expensive cotton ones in the fancy lingerie stores never fit as well as the basic ones you can get at a big box store.  The fancy ones always ride up and bunch.  Now, I don't go around in granny-panties!!  But, I just love the comfort of cotton.  I usually wear the bikini shape because they fit well below the navel, so they don't usually interfere with lower cut jeans.

But, when I was in Walmart a couple months ago, I saw the "hipster" shape and they promised to be wedgie-free.  So, I decided to try them.  I bought two packs.  I figured if I was going to try them, I was going to try them.  .  . a lot of them. 

I just want to say that these underwear do exactly what they claim.  They stay put!  Not once since I've had these have they ridden up on me.  So now I don't have those annoying bunchy lines.  You know the ones I'm talking about!  I am a total convert.  I'm throwing every pair of my (basic) undies out except for this style now.  It was time to throw them out anyway.  I'm not being wasteful!  It was just time.  They are not as low cut as a bikini.  They fit about an inch and a half below my navel.  And they are probably about an inch wider on the sides.  But, they are so worth it to not have to be picking underwear out of my. . . . well, you know.  And they come in lots of fun colors. 

I will happily keep buying this style as long as they continue to be made the same way.  The brand I chose was Hanes, but the Fruit of the Loom brand has hipsters as well.  I'm sure there are lots of brands that carry the same hipster shape.  I only have experience with Hanes.  And No, this is not a sponsored post.  Hanes does not even know that I exist.  But, I figure if I love something this well, I might as well spread the word!

I give them 5 out of 5 stars!!

They also have girls sizes.  
Have you ever tried the hipster style?

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