Fashion Post | Borrowing from the Boys--Like Mother, Like Daughter

I know, I know. . . I've been slacking on my "Daily Fashion Posts".  I decided to play on the menswear trend this time.  I love black blazers and always have.  For this one, I decided to create mommy/daughter outfits.  The jacket for the little girl is literally borrowed from the boys.  It's a tuxedo jacket that is part of a set that's on sale for less than $30.  Since I couldn't find a black jacket for a little girl that already existed on Polyvore, I chose a boy's jacket.  Sometimes you have to think outside of the box.  I've bought stuff for myself in the boys department before.  In fact, I actually got my snowpant bibs on the boys rack last year for less than $10!!  And now I'm set for this coming year.  Don't be afraid to venture "out of your department" to find things.  You never know what you might find!  So that it wasn't so "boyish", I decided to throw some pink in.  

You can find more fashion inspiration in my "Daily Fashion Post" label!
Borrowing from the Boys | Like Mother, Like Daughter


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