Thursday, August 23, 2012

Handmade Feature Artist! Ali from Pretty Paper Crafts

I'm excited to be featuring our first handmade artisan/crafter today!!  Please welcome Ali from Pretty Paper Crafts.  Her origami is beautiful!

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

Here is Ali to introduce herself!

Hi, I'm Ali. I love to bake and I wish that I could do it everyday. I also love to hike and bike (mostly so I can bake somewhat guilt-free). When I'm not baking, hiking or biking, I enjoy crafting.

I've been crafting in some way or another since I was a kid. I can't draw (I wish I could) so learning how to fold origami has allowed me to be creative. My favorite craft, other than origami, is making a gingerbread house. I try to do one every Christmas.

I've been selling my origami flowers on Etsy since the beginning of July, so I am a bit of an Etsy newbie. You can find my colorful origami flowers, cupcake toppers, and paper supplies on Etsy at my shop, Pretty Paper Crafts:

I don't have a blog right now but you can follow me on Twitter (@origamicrafts) here:!/origamicrafts

You can also check out my Pinterest board titled "I Love Paper" at:

Thanks for joining us Ali!  I LOVE all of your Beautiful Origami flowers!

Maybe you can stop by at Christmas time and show us one of your gingerbread houses since we had such a rough time last year!

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  1. Michelle... love your blog's great new look. love the colors. :) and I love Ali's origami... how beautiful.. what an art! Grace, peace and blessings, Carla.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to someone new Michelle. Yes, bring her back during Christmas so she can give use tips on the gingerbread house. Mine always looks like it's about to collapse anytime.... And the icicles look scary! Ali, you are an amazing origami artist! These flowers are beautiful. My daughter and I love making paper flowers. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Let us know when you start blogging. ;)

  3. Wow... what beautiful origami! That is incredible!! And I agree with Carla, LOVE the new look! :)

  4. They are gorgeous! Wish I knew how to do that! Love the pretty, bright paper too!

  5. WONDERFUL vivid colors! love the pink and yellow, looks very cute on the cup cakes=)

  6. Those are absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing your creations

  7. Hi all, thanks so much for your kind comments about my origami flowers. Also, thanks to Michelle for featuring my shop today.


  8. Oh I love your new blog look :-) These origami flowers are beautiful such talent! thanks for sharing!

  9. These are gorgeous! I wish i had that much precision ! thank you for sharing!


  10. wow..! such a adorable origami..! i love Ali's creativity and his choice of colors.i luv this combination of pink and yellow in the 2nd last pic.. hey..i also like your such a colorful blog..!


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