Kid Craft | Coloring on Fabric with Sharp-Tipped Permanent Markers

A while ago Jaycee and I bought a plain white tshirt from a second hand store to color with permanent markers.  But, the markers were $10 and I wasn't in the mood to spend that much money that day.  Now, with the beginning of school, all of the markers are on sale!  So, we finally got our sharp-tipped permanent markers.  Saturday, we pulled them out and started drawing on some of our play clothes.  I know what some of you are thinking. . . . "Why would you ever have permanent markers in the house with Jaycee--who is notorious for coloring on anything/everything?"  Well, the answer is. . . . . because I want to color on things!  The butterfly is my handiwork, which I sewed onto a little denim tote bag that I whipped up on Saturday.  That post will be coming soon!
I saw in an ad that they have permanent fabric markers on sale.  I might have to go get those. . . the ink from these ran a little bit when washed.  

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