Featured Handmade Crafter | Norma from Norma's Bath

We have another handmade featured crafter today.  Today please welcome Norma from Norma's Bath.  Here she is to introduce herself!

Tell us about yourself in three sentences
( I'm Norma, and I make yummy n' addictive bath and body products since 2004 and I ship all over the US. something for everyone.)
Source: etsy.com via Michelle on Pinterest

*Do you have a blog?

*How and when did you begin crafting
I started making my soaps etc for family and then friends only back in 2004. then soon made it into my "Business"
Source: etsy.com via Michelle on Pinterest

*What is your favorite craft to do?
My favorite craft to do is make candles, Mmmm.. who doesn't love a great smelling room??

*How long have you been selling your services/crafts?
I've been making and selling my bath products since february, 2004. time goes by so fast. seems like yesterday!

*How can we find you? (facebook, etsy, blog, twitter, pinterest, etc)

Anything else you'd like to cover?
That I am on the Radio running Radio commercials since 2008. and I got found from a Business card on a Bulletin Board from a Lady from the Radio station.

Thanks for sharing your stuff with us Norma!

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