Update about Hubby at Aizhai Bridge | One BASE jump made

Well, my hubby made it to China safely.  I "tracked" him going over the North Pole.  Tracked is in quotes because there is a certain point when flights are just estimated because they can't really track them anymore.  He landed safely.  Unfortunately Facebook is banned in China, so he hasn't been able to post much.  He has been able to email me.  But, I've been spending a lot of time on the computer trying to keep track of things going on in the region and the world.  

The day he left for China was the day everything started happening with the anti-US sentiment in the Middle East and north Africa.  There was one night when they made it to their destination city that they weren't allowed out of the hotel for safety reasons.  I wasn't sure if he had any idea what was going on everywhere since everything is censored over there.  And I didn't know how much TV, etc they would be watching.  

They were supposed to be making test jumps on Saturday in China, but they were unable to because the wire walker's wires were still in the way.  You can watch the wire walkers in a video at the link below:
So, they were unable to make test jumps before the big day.  All of the jumpers were hoping to get 5 or 6 jumps off the bridge.  .  .  after all, some of them did travel from the other side of the globe to do so.  But, he was only able to make one jump.  But, that one jump was exciting for all of them since there was so much going on.  

I stayed up a very long time last night trying to find a live feed of the jumps, but could never find it.  I finally gave up and went to bed. I did just find this video on YouTube.  It shows some of the jumpers going off.  I kept looking to see if I could see my hubby anywhere!  But, couldn't.  There is a guy who went off in a wheel chair, though, so that's pretty cool.

Here is an article that I found while looking for videos.  It's about a jumper named Dr. Joseph Weber and the article is called The Daredevil Dentist.  He has been BASE jumping about ten years longer than my hubby.  He was another one of the Americans invited to go to China and the article is actually pretty interesting.

It sounds like they are planning to make the Aizhai Bridge festival an annual thing.  I hope that my hubby can say "Okay, been there done that. . . . "

I know it's an experience that he is very thankful for having.  And I'm happy that he was able to experience it.

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