Sunday, October 14, 2012

My new favorite cheese--my unsolicited opinion

I love cheese!  We eat way too much of it in our house.  In fact, if  I don't watch it, my cholesterol goes up, up, up!!  I just love it waaaay too much.   So, I was excited to see this cheese in our local grocery store.  This is not a sponsored post--just my unsolicited opinion about something I've found that I love.
I was a little nervous about trying it because it's  called "Sharp" cheddar.  I prefer mild cheddar, but for 75% less fat, I was willing to try it!  In fact, I grabbed four bars because I was worried that it might disappear before I got a chance to come back.  You know when there might be times when you decide you like something, but then you can never find it again?  I didn't want to take any chances in case I liked it. 
The taste was very good.  If you like regular cheddar, you would probably still like this.  (I can't speak for everyone--I liked it!)  We've used it so far for grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, tacos and to eat just straight out of the package.
You can tell that it has 75% less fat when you try to shred it.  It is definitely drier than regular cheese.  I'm not sure how long it would last if you shredded too much and tried to keep it in your refrigerator.  It might dry out even more.  So, only shred as much as you need.  It also seems to take a little longer to melt than regular cheese.  But, it does eventually melt. 
For my needs it has worked out very well.  And I love that I can eat it every day if I want.  A one ounce serving has 1.5 grams of saturated fat as opposed to the 5 grams of saturated fat for normal cheddar cheese.  When I was trying to get my cholesterol down, I was limiting my saturated fat per day to 15 grams.  This cheese fits right in when I'm trying to limit saturated fat.
If you've seen it in your stores, but have been afraid to try it. . . . I say, "Give it a try".  I've seen it in 2 local stores so far, including Super Walmart.  It has been an average of $2 for an 8 oz. bar. 
You can check to see if you can find it near you at Cabot's website.

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