10 Outdoor activities we Love or Would like to try

It's always fun to get outside with your kids.  There are so many things to do!  And family time in the outdoors can help bring a family together.  Here are some of the things we like to do or would like to try.
1.  Go Hiking!  There are so many places in Northeast Ohio to go hiking.  The great thing about hiking is that there's not a lot of fancy equipment that you need.  All you need is a good pair of hiking boots.  But, we've even gone with just athletic shoes before.  Actually, hiking boots are on my wish list!  The fun thing about hiking is that it doesn't seem like exercise.  You can explore and enjoy your sense of adventure at the same time.  And it's a confidence booster for the kids.  They are so proud of themselves when they can make it up a hill or through a cave.  And where we go hiking we  can watch rock-climbers, too.  Although, I'm not quite ready for that yet.  I might try an indoor rock-climbing gym first.

2. Go bike-riding on a trail or sidewalk.  Again, Northeast Ohio is a great place for any kind of walking/running/hiking.  There are so many trails in the metroparks up here.  But, you can walk or ride a bike in your own neighborhood.  My hubby and kids even go in the woods behind our house sometimes.  This is another one that's inexpensive.  You can wear normal athletic shoes and there are always bikes at garage sales and on Craig's list.
3. Go fishing.  There is a little pond behind our house in the woods somewhere.  I haven't seen it yet.  But, my hubby takes my daughter sometimes for their daddy-daughter time.  You should hear the fish-tales we hear when they get back.  The fish was thiiiiiiiiis big!  The only thing you need for this hobby is a couple fishing poles.  Since my hubby and daughter just go fishing to spend time together, they don't even have to be expensive poles.  You could probably find fishing rods at garage sales or Craigslist and get a good deal.
4. There are also a lot of Bridle trails around here.  It's not uncommon to see horses crossing our main roads to continue through the metroparks.  Although we haven't tried horseback riding together yet, I think it would be fun.  There is a little horse ring in the metroparks down the road where they must offer horse riding lessons.  We see them out there some Saturday mornings.  There is also a new horse-riding class down the road from us now.  I've seen the sign.  I should call and find out about classes.  I think Jaycee would love it.  I'm not so sure about Logan.  But, the first time he ever went on a pony ride he giggled and giggled and giggled!  So, who knows! 
I think this would be one of the more expensive options.  But, I could get equestrian gear online if either of them ever decide that they'd like to do this.   My best friend used to have horses.  I never did go riding with her.  I wish it was something that I did more when I was younger.
5.   In the winter time this year, we're planning on going on the Toboggan chutes.  It's actually on my Fifty before 50 list.  And I think all of the kids are tall enough now.  We are planning on getting a group of us to go.  It should be exciting! 
6.  There are a couple small ski areas around here.  I think it would be fun to learn how to ski together.  I have never skied before.  That's actually on my Fifty before 50 list as well.  I think Logan would like to try snowboarding.  I'm not sure which Jaycee would like to try.  We have friends who go skiing quite a lot and take their little girl.  So, maybe they can teach us all at the same time.  I know the last (and only) time I went, I was trying to snowboard.  We can rent the equipment there to try it out and see if we even like snow sports.  Then, if we do enjoy it, we can buy equipment from Play it Again Sports.  That way we wouldn't have to pay full price.  I'm sure there might be some stuff on Craig's list as well. 
7.  And of course, there's always the old favorite up here. . . . . building snowmen.  We built a huge snowman last year.   And that doesn't take any special equipment or money at all, except good gloves of course.  But, we have to have those in the winter anyway!
8.  In the summertime, we enjoy going to waterparks or the beach together.  Waterparks are more expensive than the beach, but they are a lot of fun.  We watched Jaycee go down the curly water slides so many times two years ago.  And she was always talking to herself when she got off!  We have no idea what she was saying, but it was the funniest thing.  And Logan and I rode one of the water coasters together.  I have so many memories of the only two times we've been to waterparks as a family.  And I look forward to many more.
And the beach is a great place to get knocked silly in the waves.  When we went to the beach last year, I went into the ocean for the first time in ages.  And we got pounded by the waves.  Jaycee and I were together for one that really stunned both of us.  I had forgotten how much fun it was to be in the ocean.  When the kids are older, we could learn how to surf together.  And of course now we can build sand castles together.
9.  One of our favorite things to do outside together is bonfires.  Unfortunately we haven't had very many occasions this year to have bonfires.  But, my hubby is teaching the kids how to keep a fire going.  Of course that kind of stuff always makes me nervous.  I don't like my kids "playing with fire."  But, they actually do really well and they are both very careful.  And I guess it's a good thing to know for camping, etc.
10.  Speaking of camping. . . . . camping is on my Fifty before 50 list as well.  My hubby and I have not had a good history with camping!  But, all four of us did manage to sleep in a tent one night together and survive.  And we even did it in the rain.  Our tent started leaking and we were all forced to sleep on one side of the tent.  But, we had fun.  And I would like to go camping for real sometime next summer.  I remember going camping when I was little.  It just seems like something every kid should do. 
I just remembered another one!  I want to take the kids canoeing sometime too.  A lot of the campgrounds up here have places you can canoe.  My hubby and I have only been once since I moved up!  So, maybe next summer we can go camping and canoeing. 
That's my list of fun family things we like to do outdoors or would like to try to do outdoors.  What's on your family's list?

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