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 Please welcome today's featured handmade crafter, Carelys, from PartyArtist
*Tell us about yourself in three sentences
I am a full time working mom, blogger, creative soul who likes to cook and make beautiful things with my hands! I work during the day, drive my kids around during the evenings and do crafts at night when they go to bed. I wish I could be a stay at home mom, so I could see my kids more, cook more and craft more!

*Do you have a blog?
I have a blog called P-ART-Y www.p-art-y.blogspot.com I started it to share my cake decorations (Putting ART in your P-ART-Y) but it has evolved into a comprehensive lifestyle blog in where i share a series of how to's from my passions: cooking, cake decorations, crafts, gardening and raising multicultural children!

*How and when did you begin crafting
I have always been very creative and have done crafts ever since I remember. However, I did not know I could decorate cakes until just before my wedding. I wanted a real nice cake but could not afford it at the time, so I set up to do it myself. I bought a book on wedding cakes and went for it. I discovered then I had a talent for sugar crafts. My wedding cake was beautiful, people did not believe I did it myself! I have been decorating cakes ever since with no formal training, just experimenting and having fun!

*What is your favorite craft to do?
My favorite crafts changes from time to time. Right now I am in love with polymer clay - I like to make figurines: gymnasts, soccer players, artists, brides and grooms, etc. I love the fact that it works almost like sugar, but it does not melt in your hand and you can keep the final pieces forever!
*How long have you been selling your services/crafts?
I only started this year. My friends kept telling me that I should sell my cake toppers, so I opened an etsy shop to try it out.
*How can we find you? (facebook, etsy, blog, twitter, pinterest, etc)
Twitter: @partyartist1

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