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Please welcome today's Featured Handmade Crafter, Ellen!
Source: etsy.com via Michelle on Pinterest

*Tell us about yourself in three sentences

Hi, I'm Ellen, a recently graduated marine biologist and crafter! I live in the Netherlands with my fiancee, and we hope to get married next year. I love nature, and my craft is a new way of expressing that love and making any room light up with pretty flowers all year round!

*Do you have a blog?
No, although I do seem to use my Facebook Fan Page as a mini blog sometimes ;-)
*How and when did you begin crafting
I originally discovered beaded flowers in a local craft shop early in my teens, and then forgot about it due to some new hip thing that all the kids were playing. I re-discovered my flowers when I moved to a larger apartment, so could take more of my stuff out of my parents' storage. And I haven't stopped crafting since!
Source: etsy.com via Michelle on Pinterest

*What is your favorite craft to do?
Making beaded flowers, no doubt about it. In any color, any kind of flower. Although I also enjoy making cards with my family.
Source: ellensbeadflowers.webs.com via Michelle on Pinterest
*How long have you been selling your services/crafts?
I opened my shop on January 4th, 2012. Not even a year ago! So much has happened, it is simply awesome.
Source: ellensbeadflowers.webs.com via Michelle on Pinterest

*How can we find you? (facebook, etsy, blog, twitter, pinterest, etc)
I have my own website: http://ellensbeadflowers.webs.com

There's also a Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ellensbeadflowers

*Anything else you'd like to cover?

I also give workshops and can be booked for groups and parties to make beaded flowers. Too far away for a workshop or booking? I also sell Do-It-Yourself kits! While you won't get the personal guidance, the instructions are still clear so you'll be able to make your own flowers!
Source: ellensbeadflowers.webs.com via Michelle on Pinterest

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