Be a goat with Oxfam America Gifts

There are so many ways that you can give back this holiday season.  With Oxfam America, you can give a goat, or a pig, or an entire farmer's flock.  Check out Parks & Recreation's Aziz Ansari as a goat in this cute video below to learn more about giving gifts that give back for the holidays.
 There are also other gifts to give that start at just $12.  Examples of gifts that you can give are seeds or manure for $12, so that people can grow their own food.  Or, if you would like to give the gift of education, you can spend $15 for art supplies for kids or $25 for books for kids.  But, they also have gifts of soap for $12 (20 pounds of soap to help fight the spread of diseases), mosquito nets for $20, or a water purifier for $35. 

Oxfam aims to create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger and social injustice in 94 countries.  Oxfam is a BBB Accredited Charity, so you can give knowing that your money will actually do the good that you intended.  You can find out more info at

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