My Fitness Accountability

My friend and I have been working out at the gym since January 15th of this year.  I had never worked out in a gym before.  I just don't like working out in front of people.  But, this gym happened to be at the same place where our daughters take a class.  So we figured, "Why not?"  

I believe in the beginning we were working out twice a week.  Once on the day of their class and once on another day.  Then, over the summer, we started working out three days a week.  

There have been several times that I might have gone a couple weeks without working out because of vacations, or just life in general.  For the most part, we've been pretty consistent.
 I have not, however, been consistent with working out with every machine when I go.  I didn't use the Lat machine for most of the year.  And I only used the rowing machine one time, because I injured my lower back the first time.  And, I just started using the lower back machine.  Plus, I can't use the ab machine because of abdominal diastasys caused by carrying a 10 pound baby!

 I figured when the kids were back in school and I had two days to my self, I would be working out more.  For instance, I thought my friends and I were going to go for a 3 mile walk around one of the lakes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I also thought I would be doing Yoga and/or Pilates at home on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
 It. Just. Has. Not. Happened.

So, I figured if I could hold myself accountable somewhere where EVERYONE could see it, maybe I'd actually do it.  So. . . . from now on, it will be in my right hand sidebar.

Here is what I usually do some combination of on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and the symbols that I will be using.  These symbols are for the Nautilus machines.

L=Lat Machine 
RM=Rowing Machine
LB=Lower Back
LP=Leg Press
LC=Leg Curl
LE=Leg Extension

I really hope to at least make an attempt at that yoga/pilates thing on Tuesday/Thursday.

How are you keeping up with your fitness routine?


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