H is for "Can't HANG" with the A to Z | I'm out!

Title is self-explanatory, right?  I can't HANG!  Although, I think we are on "G"today. 
So, GEE, I can't HANG! 
I am
Looking to
Make More time for my
Next venture, which will probably be Spring Cleaning.  Although, I'm
Open to suggestions.  ;)
Please forgive me!   But, I'm also
Quite excited to be spending more Quality time with my family.
Rest assured, that when I have time, I'll be here!
Spending time getting to know my bloggy friends has been awesome!
Totally Awesome!  (NO!  I didn't grow up in the '80s-hehe)
Understand please, that this is not goodbye.
Value the friendships I've made.  And I
Wish you all the best! 
'Xcuse me. . . . . I need a tissue. . . . . Sing me out,
Everyone who is still in the A to Z--Have fun, y'all!!!
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