I just Can't Be Productive in my Robe and Glasses!

 It makes sense, right?  If you're still wearing your jammies, robe and glasses, your mind thinks you're still in sleepy mode.  Don't even ask why I haven't changed out of my pajamas yet.  I have no idea!  I've been fartin' around on this computer trying to get some things done while cleaning the kitchen.  I feel like I haven't really gotten anything done!  

So, I think it's time to get down to business for real!  It's time to put on some productive clothes.  It's time to put in my contacts.  And it's time to get to work!  

Why is it that I can't work as well when I'm wearing my glasses?  Isn't that the silliest thing?  

And here's an update from my jelly bean argument with myself. . . .. 

YUMMO!!  I LOVE Sweetart Jelly Beans.  Thank goodness for Easter. 
Right now I have them hidden behind the cookbooks in my cookbook cabinet.
 It's a mess, isn't it? 

Shhhhhhh!!!!!  Don't tell the kids.  They're mine, mine, mine!!!  All mine!

What's your favorite candy?

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