I'm Just Not That Person

. . . . . who would be a character on TV.

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt is:
"If you could be a cast member on any television show, which one would it be? Tell us about your character."

Well now, let's see. . . . . . I'm not sure that I can think of a TV show that I'd like to be on.  I have been watching so much HGTV or Netflix lately that I don't watch that many real TV shows anymore!

I can tell you which shows I would NOT want to be a character on.   

I would NOT like to be a character on The Walking Dead.  I mean really, why would I want to be trying to escape from zombies?  I really still don't get the whole zombie fascination, but I have finally started watching the show.  It's actually pretty good if you can get past all the gore.

NOW I can't remember any of the other ones I wouldn't want to be on.  

If I was still in my twenties and it was still the 1990s I would have liked to have been on Friends.  Unfortunately, I have been a wife and mother for what feels like so long now that I can't even think of a cool character that I would like to be.  I give up!  I'm boring now.  

I know, what if I was the long lost sibling on Parenthood who was somewhat conservative and believed in God.  I mean, I would still drink wine with them and go to all the ball games and plays and birthday parties.  And hopefully be the one who's not whiny.  I would have to have a lot of their qualities.  I would have the head mom's artistic ability and the lawyer daughter's go-getting-ness, the blond wife's ability to stay cool with most situations her children are in and a  little bit of the free-spirited-ness of the two black sheep.  And I'd still have gray hair.  I'd be the gray-haired, wine drinking, long-lost sibling who believes in God.

I hope next month's prompts are easier!  


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