'Cause I'm Happy (I'm almost done!) #photo-a-day #theidearoom

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I am so happy that I'm 90% done. 

 We have a Christmas program tomorrow that we have to attend in the middle of the afternoon.  We have a company Christmas party on Friday night.  The Builder has a birthday party to attend on Saturday (that we still need to get a gift for).  And Saturday night we are getting together with friends for a holiday get-together (so I'll probably need something foody for that).  But, for the most part we're done getting and buying things.   We only have a few food items we'll need to pick up for Christmas Eve because they are perishable--salad, mushrooms, shrimp ring.  But gifts are all bought.  Pictures are done and hopefully ordered. Prime Rib is in the fridge and ready to  go.  Teacher's gifts are made.  Gift cards are bought.  The dress for the Christmas party DOES in fact fit and I'm just gonna wear a pair of the boots I already own.  

Now, I just need to wrap!  And then of course cook on Christmas Eve.

Are you getting close to done?  
Do you have a big, traditional family meal at any point?
What foods do you eat for Christmas?

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